Change or update Windows Live Hotmail profile and privacy settings

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By default, Windows Live Hotmail will automatically create a profile when you create an account for the first time. That`s available for MSN or Live email accounts too. In this profile you will find your full name, a picture and a list with all of your friends. If you want to modify your profile, well...that`s why I wrote this article. You can modify your profile by accessing your account. However, you can modify the way other people can see your profile. Ok, let`s get started. First, sign in with your username and password on your Windows Live account, either Hotmail or MSN.

Windows Live Hotmail interface

Once, you`re logged in, take a look in the right corner of your email interface, right under your name, it`s a small word called ``profile`` and make sure that you click on it.

Profile link in a Windows Live Hotmail email account

You should be able to read ``Welcome to your new profile`` and from here you can access other privacy settings and you can ``adjust`` the level of your privacy. As you can see, you can choose from ``Public``, ``Limited`` or ``Private``.

Profile section of a Windows Live Hotmail account

There is another shortcut which will take you to Privacy Options. In my opinion it`s the same thing as here you can find the same information, here`s how to access this section. Click on the little arrow, near your name and select ``Privacy Settings``. I already opened this window in order to skip another image.

Accessing Privacy Settings with one click and the result is the Privacy Options section in a Windows Live Hotmail account

All you have to do is to choose one of them and click on ``Save`` button. If you own a business and you want more exposure, definitely, the first option called ``Public`` is for you. If you would like to allow your friends to see any change in your public profile and also to allow everyone to find you when they perform a search choose ``Limited``. Actually, ``Limited`` is selected by default. Finally, if you want to make everything private and this means that only your friends will be able to see your stuff and activity, choose ``Private``. Nobody else will be able to find or see your profile when performing a search according to Microsoft Windows Live.

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