Does God exist A human trying to understand God

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Does God exist ?

Forget everything you know and try to understand that God is the ultimate answer. We have the power to understand a lot of things but in the end,  we are not able to understand God. There are a lot of answers but in fact nobody knows ``what is`` God. We need to feel the ground under our feet, we need to understand a form, a shape, we need to touch something in order to feel that thing. We need an explanation for everything. I am sure that God doesn`t feel the same as we do as he is a part of everything or should I say everything ?

God is described here on Earth by two things: religion and science

Religion: Everyone says that their religion is the best. In fact everyone admits that God exists but each religion has a story. I am not against any religion. I believe that we all need to believe in God.

Science: Most of the scientists says that God does not exist as there is no scientific evidence. In fact everything is a proof that God exists and after all science cannot explain everything.

The theory of Bing Bang
It`s funny thinking that the entire Universe was born from nothing. What created this Universe and from what was created ? Since I cannot find an answer, I believe that God made it but being so huge it`s impossible to understand him if we refer to his size or complexity.

The theory of perfection
From what I`ve read on the Internet, everyone claims that everything is so perfect, calculated, even our DNA system seems to be similar with the binary language used at computers. Maybe God is a wonderful programmer and he created us using the most beautiful programming language that was ever created.

Good or bad
Supposing that we all don`t believe in God. What next ? How we would be able to make a difference between what`s good and bad ? This is extremely important as good or bad, there are only two words that applies here on earth.

Good - If you`re doing something good it means that you help another person, animal, plant or anything else here on this earth.

Bad - It`s the opposite of what I said so harm another person, animal or anything else on this earth and you`re bad.

How can we make a difference or should I say, how can we understand these two words.

Good: Someone is crying over nothing and we are doing everything we can to make him feel better. Suddenly he smiles. Now that`s something good.

Bad: Someone needs some help but I don`t want to help him. More than that I am telling him that he is a looser and I am kicking him in the face.

This is how we can make the difference
Imagine yourself in his/her place, it doesn`t count if we`re talking about another person, animal or plant. Would you like to be helped ? Would you like to be told that you`re a looser + a punch in your face ? Before doing something you need to analyze both situations. If this action will end with a smile then, it`s something good, it can`t be wrong. If the result is painful for someone else, than don`t do it as it`s definitely something bad. Put yourself in that place, switch places and the difference between good or bad will be fully understood.

God does not interfere
Why does God not prevent tragedies ? I remember that I`ve read an article in a newspaper with an interesting subject regarding the good people that dies. If God doesn`t interfere then why a good friend of mine, which was a good example for everyone died ? I remember the answer to this question coming from  an old priest who said that God knows when someone’s  soul is in danger. He is saving his soul by calling him to heaven. It would be good if this would be the explanation and maybe it is.

There are thousands of scenarios but let`s approach one of them.

Let`s suppose that we born again but in another life, again and again. We need to understand something, a message from God. We need to learn something until we graduate.
It makes sense if we`re thinking at that, I mean think at our life, we all know that we learn, learn, learn and in the end we realize that it’s not enough.

It`s not fear, God doesn`t want to be loved in this way. Maybe he wants a mature love from the bottom of our hearts. He wants to feel a true love. Just think about us. I mean nobody wants to be loved only for money, power or anything else. We all want and look for a true love.
God is giving us freedom. He allows us to choose between good or bad, between light and dark and everything else. The truth is that we are the only one responsible for our actions.

Final Conclusion:
In my opinion, God has created everything and I mean the entire Universe and everything we feel and touch is only a small part of his creation. He is so enormous that we can`t understand him. Maybe God is everywhere, looking at us but we don`t see him. Think about beans. They are well organized and they are flying all day long but I don`t think that they are looking at us as we look at them. They don`t even realize what is happening. Imagine this at a larger scale and still we wouldn`t be able to tell if there is a limit between God and our power of understanding.

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