How to Burn CDs and DVDs for free using CDBurnerXP

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CDBurnerXP is one of my favorites when it comes down to CD and DVD burning tools. It`s completely free, it does a great job and offer a lot of extras that others will charge you for. If you don`t have this software, download CDBurnerXP, install the application and start burning all kind of files. In this article I am going to show you how to burn an ISO file using this program. The procedure is similar to other files and it`s really intuitive, even for novice users. If you installed the application, open the software, that`s how it looks on my computer running Windows 7. I will choose the first option the one named ``Data Disc - Allows you to create ISO images, burn usual data discs, MP3-CDs and video discs`` and I will burn an ISO file containing a free Linux distribution. Don`t forget to click on the ``OK`` button.
CDBurnerXP main interface
Right after that, from the left side of the program interface, navigate ( browse ) to the place where you keep your files. You can see the content of my folder displayed on the right side. Now, all you have to do is to drag and drop with your mouse the files that you want to burn. If you have several folders,  drag them one by one or all of them right under that window that says ``Drag and drop files here or use the ``Add`` button to add files to the compilation.`` You should also see a green space that indicates how much space is being occupied.

Drag and drop files to a DVD using CDBurnerXP
Burn disc confirmation window
If you`re ready to burn the files, click on the ``Burn disc`` button. Once you do this the burning process will start, however the process might look a little different for other file types, remember that I am writing an ISO file on a DVD.

Burn ISO image with CDBurnerXP

Note: For regular files you will see a new, small window that will ask you ``How do you want to burn your disc ?``. You can choose to ``Leave disc open - Allows you to add more data at a later time``, if you don`t want anyone else to be able to write additional data on your CD you can choose the second option ``Finalise disc - No more data can be added later``. After these questions, you need to click on the ``Burn`` button in order to start the data writing process. This is the only difference between ISO files and regular files such as music, pics or any other types.

The following window should look like this. You should see a progress window that will indicate you the burn progress like time elapsed, writing speed and the current file that is being processed.
Burning process for CDBurnerXP
 When the burning process is complete, you will see another window that will tell you if the disc has been written ( burned ) successfully and the total time needed for this operation.
Writing process confirmation window
Finally, another window will appear ( this is the last window ) and I still don`t know why this window appeared, probably it will remember the settings for future discs, however, I chose to close this window. Feel free to click on ``Close`` button.
Last window after writing process ended
That`s it, the purpose of this article was to show you how to burn CDs and DVDs for free using CDBurnerXP. Keep in mind that this was the second version of the original article and I removed the installation part and also I renewed the pics – for the latest version. I also tried to minimize pics in order to reduce size so the background with the program is missing to a couple of pics ( not many of them ).  It`s an excellent burning tool on your computer and I would like to encourage any donations for the developers.

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