Is there life in the Universe

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Are we the only one in the Universe ? Is that possible ? Are we the only race ? What do you think ?

Universe is full of life or better said the Universe itself is a form of life. Here on earth we have animals, plants and everything else that we like to call it `` the mother nature``. We are the kids of the ``mother nature`` and the earth is only a piece of sand in the Universe.

So, is there any other form of life in the Universe ?

There are billions of forms out there, we are not the only one. Consider the vastness of the universe:

When you will read this article probably the information found here will be old as the technology ( I am talking here about two things: telescopes and computers ) tends to evolve from one year to another.

Some people claim that there are around 100-200 billion galaxies in our universe, some people says that this is only a fraction. I`ve read somewhere that a German supercomputer calculated that there around 500 billion galaxies.

I am going to use less galaxies here but don`t take my information as a good one. Keep in mind that the number of those galaxies are increasing and no human will be able to count them in one life. That`s the job of computers. Our modern telescopes are able to detect around ( estimated ) 50-100 billion galaxies, but this is only what we can detect with our telescopes used by NASA and others.

I said galaxies and when we`re thinking at 100 billion galaxies, we can suppose that each galaxy has one star and one planet there would be 100 billion of stars. Stars, like our sun, what about the planets ? Well this is wrong because...

A galaxy has millions, billions of stars which results if we calculate to...10 sextillion. Actually more of them were discovered around 70 sextillion in 2003 but let’s keep it at 10 for this example. That`s a number that we can only estimate... - and this is only estimated by me and others at the lowest value...

If you will search on the Internet you will notice that some people are estimating the numbers of planets in this way.

If there are in our universe and we simply consider that one planet from a million is able to sustain a form of life it would remain planets in the universe. Ten billion is a large number. Would you be able to imagine so many different planets with different and intelligent form of life ? I can think at 100 different car brands but what about 1000 ? I wouldn`t be able to make a difference between them if all of them would look the same.

Now, if we have ten billion of planets in our Universe that would be able to support life in one way or another than why we are not able to see or communicate with them ?

I can only think at a couple of answers :

- the distance
- the huge difference between us and them
- we are lucky

The distance

In most cases, even if some aliens would have discovered a way to travel at the speed of light it would take them millions of years if not billions to travel from one place to another in our Universe. Considering that they don`t live forever it would be impossible for them to travel.

The huge difference between us and them

We don`t know if right now they are looking at us with a telescope mounted on Venus. We don`t know if they are using an invisible satellite, ship or anything else, studying us. That would happen if those strangers wouldn`t want to harm us. Maybe we are alone right now.

We are lucky

Maybe we are one of those planets that are lucky enough to avoid the meeting with a more advanced race. The scenario could be a friendly hello or it could be a nightmare such as the one from the movie called ``Aliens``. I am sure that other forms of life could look like a white rabbit and use a Hitler-brain at the universe scale.

Imagine this - the snail: the world traveled by a snail at the equator. The distance around the earth at the equator is 40,074 kilometers. Now keep in mind that the speed of a garden snail is 0.013 m/s. Snails live for about eight years. Supposing that they need to rest and eat, how much time it will take them to travel the 40,074 km ? Well...not so much...approximately 4.68 meters / hour and 56.1 meters / 12 hours. He needs to sleep and eat for another 12 hours. So the speed would be of 56.1 meters in 24 hours, if he would use the best highway only for himself. In one year he would make approximately 20 km. He would need approximately 2000 years and 250 descendants for a snail to finish the race of earth.

Imagine this - the man: the journey of a man trying to reach the nearest galaxy:  the Andromeda Galaxy. Lets say that someone would be able to reach the speed of light with a space ship. Great, the speed of light is 300,000 kilometers per second. The journey from earth to sun would take 8.3 min. In order to reach the Andromeda Galaxy ( the closest galaxy ) it would take 2.5 million years. Supposing that we would live 100 years it would require 25.000 generations of people. I will be dead, my son will be dead, his son will die and so on until number 25.000 will die. Probably 25.001 will finally end his journey.

The answer to this question is this: I am sure that other forms of life exist in the Universe. I do believe in God and I do fear God but the truth is that God has created the Universe. I`ve heard a theory that claims the existence of other Universe, billions of them, separated just like our galaxies...

If we can`t understand our own planet, our solar system then how can we understand the Universe ? We landed on the moon and since then nothing important seems to happen. I wanted to see how the human race will colonize Mars and so on but I don`t know if I will see this, in this life. I think that I have better chances to see the World War III. Right now we are not so advanced as we think and the truth is that we are an easy target for any other form of life coming from a long distance. Way too easy. I have seen a lot of movies when those aliens are coming to earth with super advanced ships and we, the people, suddenly become united and start to defend and kill those aliens with our weapons. Unfortunately this will never happen, never, otherwise the United States of America would be the land of natives and the European people would look with envy trying to understand why their soldiers with AK-47 can`t defeat their archers. When I was little, Star Trek was my favorite movie but unfortunately, our beloved captain Jean-Luc Picard is far away from us...

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