RJ TextEd is a full fledged free Unicode source editor

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For those who need a free text editor with Unicode support - try RJ TextEd. This is a free, wonderful software that has not been discovered by enough people. For a short overview over his capabilities read this article, I'll start with a short RJ TextEd review.

Short RJ TextEd review: Reading the software description for the first time, you might be tempted to think that this is another tool made only for programmers, web designers and others. This impression will last until you're going to install the program and open the interface for the first time. Although, it has an entire arsenal of options for professional users, you can use it for other purposes such as: File Commander, (S)FTP program and most important as a more powerful alternative to Notepad and other similar text editors.

As I said, RJ TextEd editor has a huge list of features that were not included in this article. No matter how much I would struggle to talk about this application, there is only one way to get a better look. Download and install RJ TextEd from his homepage (alternatively you can choose the portable version which doesn't require you to install the program) and open the program. That's how it looks on my laptop (I resized the main window for a smaller image).

 RJ TextEd

Exactly what I was saying earlier, when you open the program for the first time it looks like it was made especially for a certain category of people such as programmers, web designers etc. With a little patience you will see that the program is not limited to a single category (professionals). If you click on the File Commander tab (located on the right side - down) you will be taken to another feature of this program which can be used by everyone interested in an easy to use and free file commander. It isn't supposed to have all the features of dedicated program such as "Total Commander" but with this you can perform basic actions such as: Copy, Move, Edit, Delete, use the FTP etc.

 RJ TextEd File Commander

Since we're still at the "File Commander" section, take a look at another free and great feature. Besides of an free text editor, file commander, this software also comes with an integrated (S)FTP manager. You can access this directly from the "File Commander" window (located on the left side - down) just take a look at this image:

FTP - SFTP manager from RJ TextEd
Note: You can access the FTP section regardless of your current location in RJ TextEd by selecting the first tab named "File" then "FTP" from there select "Connect". (I didn't make a screenshot for this action).
It doesn't matter what path you will choose to access the FTP section as you will be taken in the same place. If you didn't added a FTP account you will be required to complete all the fields (add a new profile):

FTP Profile Manager

Add Host Info for a FTP connection
At the beginning of this article I said that you can use this editor as a free replacement software to other text editors such as Notepad and many others. Please note that the program allows you to switch to a full screen mode but this screenshot has been intentionally left small. Here's an image with his editor function:

RJ TextEd main editor window

Now, probably it doesn't look like an advanced editor because you don't see the formating tools displayed like most popular office tools. Yet, try to perform a right-click with your mouse inside editor window and you have access to several formatting tools. If you need to activate the "Spell Checker" go to main window and click on "Edit" tab. For even more options click on "Search", "View" and "Format" tabs. I've made a screenshot with all of them united in one big image:

RJ TextEd Features

One more thing before final conclusion: you can obtain additional languages, scripts, themes, dictionaries and other things from RJ TextEd homepage but the program comes with an excellent help file. To access the help section: from the main software interface go to the last tab named "Help" and click on "Contents" or hit the F1 keyboard button and you should see this window which is nothing but a great help section.

RJ TextEd Help section
The purpose of this article was to show you that RJ TextEd is not just a complex unicode text editor for professionals. It can also be used if you need a free File Manager, FTP and ultimately as a replacement for other text editors. If you like the software, please consider a DONATION to the author.

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