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Recently I wrote an article called ``Why I hate Google Plus and want the old Google back``. I`ve been talking about Google decision and it really made me angry. Sure, I am not saying that everything is lost and Google can`t recover from this ``silly`` decision. In fact I hope that somehow, Google will become once again the search engine that conquered the world. I am also scared that things will never be the same again. If you feel the same or you`re started to think at an alternative, here`s my suggestion: DuckDuckGo

There are many search engines and I`ve really tried some of them but I didn`t liked them. Some of them just copied Google or Bing search results.

As I said, if you`re looking for an alternative to Google or Bing try DuckDuckGo which reminds me of Google keeping things simple. Probably Sergey Brin and Larry Page the founders of Google were two young enthusiasts who wanted to create something simple and useful for everyone. I still want to think that their own success and money didn`t changed them and their ideas but this is a different story. Let me tell you a couple of things about this new search engine:

DuckDuckGo Search Engine main page

History: DuckDuckGo was founded in February 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. Until October 2011 it was self-funded. After this date Union Square Ventures invested in this search engine. Altough DuckDuckGo was founded and created by Gabriel Weinberg, I`ve also read something about building a team on his personal website.

Features: I should`ve said ``What makes this so special`` so let`s see what is all about. This search engine gather and use the information from a variety of sources such as well-known websites ( Wikipedia ) WolframAlpha and it`s own web crawler. It`s really not that important to know what they use to display his results as long as their results are good and useful. Am I wrong here ?

The good thing: Probably one of the most important aspects is the lack of ``track the people`` also known as the privacy that is being offered. This search engine claims that will not track you, it doesn`t store IP addresses, does not create logs with user information and cookies are being used only when needed and again without tracking you. Gabriel Weinberg said that ``By default, DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information. That is our privacy policy in a nutshell.``

Quality not quantity: Again, Gabriel Weinberg deleted search results of several companies such as eHow that publishes 4000 articles per day produced by paid freelance writers. Websites`s pages that contains a lot of advertising were also filtered.

Lack of features: At the time that I wrote this article, there are a lot of features that can`t be found, it`s far from being perfect but it`s functional and it has what it takes to make it competitive.

What I like now: Right now when I am writing this article DuckDuckGo doesn`t have auto-completion or instant results, you can benefit from real privacy when you search the web, it looks a lot like early Google or should I say that is feels that way ? If you`re going to read their about page you will read good things such as ``way less spam and clutter`` and ``real privacy``.

Instead of a conclusion: I really like things that are easy to use and understand. It`s hard to remain unchanged in a positive way but DuckDuckGo has the chance to learn from other`s mistakes. I don`t know if this search engine will match Google or it will remain just another small engine forever . Just in case that DuckDuckGo will have the same faith as Google I would like to remember from where it left and keep his promises as a search engine that states the following in 2012:

DuckDuckGo About page

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