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I don`t want to start with the history of hackers. The web is full of articles that talks about this so I am not going to repeat what others said. However, it is necessary to explain what is a ``hacker`` so that everyone can understand once and for all. Most of the media ( television, newspapers, radio etc. ) put the word ``hacker`` in a bad light. When something bad happens on the Internet it`s because of hackers. When someone does something wrong on the Internet, using a computer it`s automatically called a ``hacker``. That`s not a good thing for the real hackers because you`re actually associating the image of a real hacker with something bad which is completely wrong.

Supposing that you`re working with computers/Internet, being named by other people from this industry a ``hacker`` is the highest distinction that you can obtain.

Probably the feeling of being a hacker is similar to one of these examples :

It`s like geting in the army as a soldier and in the end you`re becoming a general
Being a CEO of a companyGetting the Pulitzer prize
There are a lot of examples but those are only a couple of them.

Another example:

If you`re able to install Microsoft Windows on your computer, good for you, but that doesn`t make you a hacker.
If you can configure your wireless router for your network, you`re a smarter person but that`s it.
If you can setup and maintain an Internet network for your small town, you`re an network engineer but not necessarily a hacker.
If you can create a program that will help or make everyone life easier and it will be recognized as something useful and good by other hackers then you`re an hacker because you created something and everyone recognize you as a great person in this area.

I watched the news and they said that hackers did it ! They compromised that, they did that and so on...

Again, the media ( tv, radio etc. ) are wrong, they don`t understand that is a difference between being a hacker and a cracker. If you want to know more about crackers read this article.

One or more hackers created your computer, the Internet, the email and everything else. Even your smartphone was created by one of them. Those are skilled people and everything they do is for improving this world. 
Actually, by definition all hackers are good.If a hacker decides to obtain money by doing something bad, he becomes a cracker.

When media reffers to hackers, doing something bad they actually talk about crackers but they don`t realize that those are different people.

It`s like saying at the news that it was a fire and this was made by the firemans.

Now you know what a hacker is. It`s not a bad person, stealing your credit card, that is a phisher. It`s not someone stealing your money on an auction website, that is a scammer. It`s not someone bad, it`s someone that contributed to our technology. As I said, they created a lot of this technology than now we all love to use it. They are builders of a better world. They also keep learning and continue to improve themselves. You should feel honoured when meeting a hacker as most of them are wonderful people. It`s not a shame, being recognized as a ``hacker`` by a community of other hackers. It`s an honor, so when you hear someone talking about them, well, at least you know the truth.

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