What should I do when I am bored

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There are a lot of things to do when you`re bored. Believe it or not I noticed that when you`re younger, the word ``bored`` seems to be the brother of ``time``. The phrase ``plenty of time remaining`` seems to be a characteristic of a young person. Now the things are different. Since you`re bored I am going to talk from my experience.

If you`re bored try the following :

A: If it`s raining or bad weather

1) Call a friend or better call all of your friends and arrange a meeting.
Try to talk with your friends, not on the phone or on a social network, do this face-to-face and play a game or better try to remember your adventures with them, you will see that you`re going to laugh and it will keep your memories fresh. You need to avoid the social networking phenomen, try to establish your connection in the real life and not on a virtual one.

2) Watch a movie or invite one or more friends and watch that movie
You think that you`ve seen all the good movies ? I guess you`re wrong, I still discover a lot of good movies that I didn`t see. You only love to see a special genre of movies ? Try the Internet and search for terms like those: ``top comedy movies``, ``top movies``, ``best movies ever``, ``best sci-fi movies``, ``brad pitt best movies`` and so on...there are hundreds of websites that will list all the good movies. So you only need the titles of them. Make sure to save a couple of them and you will have more alternatives. For example, I don`t need a friend if the movie is good enough to keep my attention. There are a lot of movies and I am not going to mention them here, there are thousands of good movies that deserves to be watched.

3) Read a book, you only need to find a good one or perhaps I should say - the right one
Think about this, when I was bored, especially at a young age, I didn`t had a TV ( actually there were only 1-2 channels ), outside was raining and the cells were not invented. Reading a good book was my ONLY ALTERNATIVE. When I was young, sometimes I really liked reading a lot of books, I can`t even remember the name of some of them but I will always remember the good ones and here is a small list :

Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
> In Desert and Wilderness
- The Trilogy comprising: 
> With Fire and Sword 
> The Deluge
> Fire in the Steppe also called Pan Michael (Pan Wolodyjowski )

Author: Jules Verne
> The Mysterious Island 
> Five Weeks in a Balloon 
> Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Author: Louis Henri Boussenard
> Le Capitaine Casse-Cou

Author: Alexandre Dumas
> The Count of Monte Cristo
> The Three Musketeers
> Twenty Years After

Author: Mark Twain
> Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
> The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
> A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur`s Court

B: If it`s a lovely day ( no clouds, good temperature )

1) Shame on you, there are a lot of things to do when the weather is friendly
Go outside, play with your dog, with your cat, go shopping, go fishing, call a friend and go out and drink a coffee or a tea. When the weather is so lovely I love to ride my bike, it is a wonderful thing to do, not to mention that your heart will thank you.

2) If you feel something else, probably you`re tired and you need to rest
If you don`t want to meet your friends, read a book, watch a movie, go out or anything else maybe you`re just tired and you need to sleep. You will feel better. If still nothing happens after you wake up try to remember this article and if you feel that you`re bored than maybe you`re just depressed and you need to talk with someone close to you or why not with a doctor as depressed mood can be the result ( but not always ) of a number of infectious diseases and physiological problems which is something that happens to a lot of people ( including me ).

If nothing else works, try to watch a movie about the Universe.

Instead of a boring conclusion: Some of the amazing things I have been discovered about me is that when I am bored, sometimes ( not always ) I love to work. It really makes me feel better and I am doing something useful. Even if you`re going to clean your room or your house, it will keep you busy and you won`t have time for getting bored.

You`re bored because you want to be bored, you will always find an alternative, it`s up to you if you will go out and do something, read a book, watch a movie or meet with your friends.

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