Which Google Adsense ad format should I choose

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The ad format depends a lot on your website design. You have to choose an ad format that will complement your website. For good results, it must look like a part of your website. That doesn`t mean that it must be hidden in a place where visitors will ignore it.

Ad format + Customization +Website Design

When choosing an ad format, Google ( via Google Adsense account ) will allow you to choose from several colors and other options that will make the difference

You have to find the best balance between the colors of your website and the ads that you run.

Before placing an ad you should check Google Heat Map. It was one of the main resources that always helped me when I wanted to use ads on my website.

The truth: If you`re going to read hundreds of articles and spend hundreds of ours, skip the first part and concentrate on the second part. I mean, test to see which ad format works best for your website

First, concentrate on an ad format that will make your website look clean and uncluttered. It should be like a good, inviting place for your visitors.

Second, based on Google heat map, try to find a location without forgetting about the previous advice ( First )

Third, if nothing works, unfortunately you need to search for more info and the best place is to start with other websites from the same niche. If they run ads in certain locations it must bring them a decent CPC. I was talking about the Google heat map but Google also comes with other tips if you run a forum site or a blog.

If you`re reading this article, you`re probably not an expert and you want to learn more about this. Here’s a short story from my experience. When my first website was ready and I earned the first dollars I was very enthusiast. I had a low CTR ( around 0.7-1% ) but what always made me happy was the number of my visitors. I wanted to see more visits and I wasn`t interested right from the start in earning more money. Once you get the visitors, you will eventually going to find the best ad format for your website. I used Banner (468 x 60) ad format on a website with a great CTR around 6-7 % and when I wanted to use it on another website, it didn`t worked. After several weeks I realized that the best ad format was Leaderboard (728 x 90) but it was because of two different websites, different design and probably some other things that I don`t realize.

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