Why do people hunt animals for sport or as a hobby

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Human”, it pretty much means a big word, over 6 billion and counting. Hunting is as well as one of the oldest words, in our history, a word that is a part of our definition of survival.  When you’re thinking at an animal you can identify this word with those creatures that are here, on this Earth before our ``arrival``. Yes, believe it or not, they were here before us.

Until one century ago, hunting involved one or more humans that killed poor animals mainly for food and in some cases, animals were killed for their skins, teeth, tails or for a small amount of money.

But for most of the people, animals were killed for food. And this idea can be accepted by most of us. When people created a business from killing animals, well, things started to change forever.
Nowadays, laws exist in most of the countries and people respect them but there are a lot of people that continue to kill animals for fun. They call this ``haunting``.

Haunting animals or the sport of killing innocent animals

Let`s compare us as humans with the rest of the animals:
Do animals kill for their own pleasure ? NO

If you don`t agree then how many people are being killed by animals for their own pleasure ? An animal will attack only if he considers you a threat or he’s really hungry. Did you noticed any lion near Empire State Building ? No, because it`s not his habitat. You will meet him somewhere else in the wild but not in your town. People killed by animals are in most of the cases in or near their territory.

Do people kill for pleasure ? YES

There are hundreds of species or even more that disappeared in the last century and not because of any ice age. It`s because of people hobby to hunt animals.
There are thousands of examples, movies on the Internet that shows how brave humans called ``hunters`` kill the poor animals, not for food or anything else but for selling them as ``trophies``.

Those animals were not created by people, they existed here and they had a chance for survival. It’s called “natural selection”.  Yes, they survived until people started to kill them one by one. Believe it or not, a lot of hunters are going to church every Sunday and pray for the health of their families and they consider their selves “good people”. Isn’t that cute ?

What would happen, if the earth will be the next target of a more advanced alien race ? Probably not so friendly as we think…so what would happen with the hunter family that goes to the church every Sunday ? The same thing that happened  with those animals that were killed by him.

The truth is that an animal has no chance in front of a hunter. A bullet will kill most of the animals on this earth and that includes us. You still don`t understand why it is not ethical to kill an animal ? You feel that you need to hunt an animal ? Try this, take your knife and go in the wild and kill a lion, tiger or a bear with your own hands ( if you can ) and now you`re a real hunter. Until then, as a hunter you`re nothing more than a coward. Show yourself, damn it! You will never kill a bear with your own hands or even with a knife, unless you`re Old Shatterhand ( fictional character of Karl May – writer ). I am trying to show you that the animal should have an equal chance in a fight. But why kill a poor animal if you can afford to eat ? Hunting is not a sport, it`s the same thing with a murder the difference here is that the victim is an animal and not a human and there is no law for a hunter except for his conscience. I know it sounds strange but that`s the truth.

The golden rule available for everything in our life: It`s so hard to build something and so easy to destroy something...

Build: It`s hard to build a house, it requires a lot of time and hard work
Destroy: You could destroy a house easily, a fire will do the job in a couple of hours

Build: You work a lot for  a new car everyone knows it
Destroy: An accident, a hammer, a fire will destroy the car that required a huge amount of work from you almost instantly

Build: Plant a tree, see how he grows, it will take 10-20-30-50-100 years or more, it`s huge compared with our life on this earth
Destroy: You could cut a tree in a couple of minutes...so sad but so true...

Build: Help an animal to survive, it`s so hard with so many hunters and people trying to destroy their natural habitat...
Destroy: Your bullet will kill an animal instantly and you will contribute to something bad even if you don`t think so, this is the truth

Conclusion: It is not ethical, it is against all laws to kill an animal just for fun. If you believe in GOD then try to understand that even he doesn`t allow you to see him, he is there and he sees everything. Do you think that GOD loves to watch how people are killing HIS OWN CREATIONS ? Is there any phrase in the HOLLY BIBLE where killing poor animals FOR FUN is encouraged ? Everything is logical if we could ``ask`` GOD. The answer is NO and you know why ? Because GOD is good and he still believe in us. Do something good and if you`re a hunter change your ``hobby`` now. Try to convince other hunters that this is something bad. Not to mention here the use of insecticides, herbicides  that are killing not the animals but us, the humans. Those products created by us are in the world water system, in our food, in everything. We are the only race that will destroy this planet. You don`t care about you ? Think about your children, think about GOD, think about something that you love on this planet but think about something and don`t be a hunter for ``sport`` as those are two different words...

If you’re asking yourself, what’s the point of this article ? Well, it’s simple, the population is over 6 billion as I said and now there are more hunters while a lot of species on this earth will probably disappear soon and you can do something about it. Now you can say NO TO HUNTING !

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Mitra - January 10, 2012

Well said. I am pained to read on the internet that people kill animals not for food or earning a living but for pleasure!!

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