Why I hate Google Plus and want the old Google back

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I love Google, I am a fan of Google, I`ve said that several times before. They do offer great products, most of them for free. Just think about Gmail or Google Maps, two of their greatest achievements. There is another example, YouTube which is a great website. I know that they bought YouTube, but still, the website has continued to improve and attract more and more visitors.

Not a long time ago, I`ve wrote an article regarding social networking and more important, I tried to explain why I hate social networking websites.

In the meantime, I was so happy to see that Google Buzz failed as a project. I never wanted to see Google involved in social networking or at least the search engine. I guess, it was a short joy. Recently Google made the announcement: they were integrating their great product called ``Google+`` with Google search results. So they mixed their search results with their new social networking service.

After reading the news, I had a special feeling that contains my frustration which is hard to express in words.

Who am I to judge Google decisions ? Since this it`s my website I feel that I need to express my personal opinion and I do hope that other people will read this and why not, maybe someone from Google will read this and count it as a bad review.

As you`ve probably noticed, there is no such ``Like``, ``Share`` or any other crazy button on this website but thanks to Google+ I am being ``forced`` to implement a ``+1`` ( Google Plus One ) button on this website.

Why ?

Simple, Google said that the ``+1`` button will influence their search engine results ( SERPS ), probably they said that it will be a ranking factor among others and well… I don`t care. They are forcing me ( as a webmaster ) to use their new service.

What if I refuse ?

Probably, if I don`t use the ``+1`` button, I will lose normal rankings since my articles and my website won`t be able to compare with a similar website. It doesn`t care if I will have a better content, if ``+1`` doesn`t exist I will be the sucker. Not to mention the whole spam that will rise, thanks to “+1” trying to manipulate SERPS .

Is there still hope ?

Sure, I was hoping that Google will treat his users in two ways. The classic way like they did before and the new way if you`re using one of their services such as Gmail showing ``+1`` results or recommendations, whatsoever...

Which leads me to this question: two separate algorithms ?

Did they developed a technology that will separate a regular user from another one when using their services ? Isn`t going to increase their costs ? But wait...what if they share the same algorithm for both users ? The difference would be the fact that you can`t tell and even if I`m right, a webmaster like me will lose both ways.

How about the implications of their actions ?

Well, as a regular person, this thing is really annoying and I repeat, frustrating. As a Google fan, I expect from them nothing else but keeping things simple. Sure, go ahead and improve things, make them a little shiny, adjust your logo, improve your search results by giving people access to real, good information. Social networking websites do not bring valuable content, sure they`re great if you want to meet with your colleagues from high school and search for lost friends but that`s it. Once you`ve found your lost friends, go ahead and meet them, talk with them, don`t send them an email saying ``Glad to see you’re ok, I`ve just posted a message on your latest picture``. You won`t make people feel happy that way, the social phenomenon is a bad joke and nothing more.

I want the old Google back

Yes, I want the old search engine back, I don`t care about the existence of Google Plus but please don`t integrate it with Google search results. ``Search, Plus Your World`` is just a marketing approach and nothing more. Why don`t you switch back to ``Search, and thanks but no thanks, I already have my world.``

Let`s make things complicated

I remember the old days, when Google was new, you could actually feel the desire and the enthusiasm of the people who worked there. The search engine was better, faster, the users were able to find what they were looking for and so on. Here is a picture with my personal vision about Google Plus One Planet.

An image about Google Plus and Google


So what ? If you don`t like it, don`t use it...

It`s really easy to say something such as freedom of choice and so on. Consider this. Google was a friendly search engine which started to gain friends right from the beginning. I was one of them, I am actually an old friend. After a decade, Google came to me and said:

Google: We can still be friends but I want you to do this and that.
Me: Are you trying to force me to use this, even if I don`t want to ?
Google: Well...I already have a lot of friends so feel free to leave…
Me: Thank you my old friend, I guess I’m the only one thinking that our friendship is going to last forever

The truth is that Google is no longer a big company, it`s a corporation. The main problem with corporations is that they tend to invest and create things in all areas. I`ve heard that Google is working hard to create a car that doesn`t need a driver. Good, it`s called evolution. I`ve heard that Google is now the biggest farmer in US and the bread that we eat will be called Goobreagdle. My brother just bought a new costume from Hoogle Boss, anyway,  you probably get the idea. Maybe Google is looking to replace a word called Internet. I can imagine my life without Google but I can`t imagine the Internet as the property of Google.

Comments received ( only a couple of them ) :

Anonymous - February 12, 2012

I wish I could find a new browser and search engine that respects privacy and stops trying to push all the crap on people. We were happy with Google as it was and now they push the garbage and provide zero options for removal outside of simply quitting Google all the way. I feel this company is incompetent when it comes to supporting consumer desire rather than forcing personal desires such as that of MSN or Yahoo we simply want simplicity and to hell with all the hype. The more agravation the less we will spend and if taking for ever to find what you seek will increase chances you will not buy at all. Get the message Google. Stop trying to fix what was not broken. We do not want all the garbage with no choice in the matter.

Lauren - February 28, 2012

Google and I are no longer on the same side. We used to work together. I benefitted from the service and they benefitted from their ad revenue. Now, we are enemies. I try in vain to sneak through their site to get my searching done without getting spied on or have social networking forced upon me. They are now ``the man.`` You can turn off the ``customized searching`` feature, but it is not intuitive how to get there and it opts you back in whether you like it or not every time you clear out your cookies. Google is not on my side. They will exploit me in any way they can to try to make some extra money or further their plot for world domination. They get away with it because people feel they have no other option, but I think people are starting to get pissed enough that they will use a slightly less optimal search engine, like Ixquick, if it means they get a little peace.

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