YouTube Spam who how and why they do this

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If you landed on this page, you`re probably curious to know more about the spam that pollutes YouTube and other similar websites. Therefore, I am going to cover the following aspects: who is doing this, what is the reason, how they`re doing it and lastly what to do to prevent this phenomenon.

Who is doing this ?

Well, good question and.. no,  I do not know the names of such persons but here`s what you should know about them. Are you working ? Do you love your job ? Did you worked hard to accomplish something ? If one or more answers match these questions it`s probably the same thing with these spammers. That`s their job and they are trying to remain competitive, forget about the old email spam, it`s still around but things evolved in a different direction and now they are keeping up with this trend. YouTube is one of their current target , quite vulnerable and it will take a while until things will get fixed.

What is the reason ?

What a silly question, the answer is simple: for profit. Usually they will try to attract visitors in a scheme and hope that some of them will fall. It’s like a commercial where those who are struggling to sell their product, will try to convince as many people as possible to buy what they advertise. In order to succeed they need a huge market and YouTube gets hundreds of millions of visitors so this website is very promising for the hard working skilled spammer.

How they`re doing it

As I said, most of them are skilled people. The best of them are actually talented programmers or people with solid IT knowledge. If you`re asking how they are doing this the answer is quite simple: paying other programmers, creating their own programs, buying different software which combined will make their work easier. Since we`re talking about YouTube, the job is pretty simple. They are creating as many users as possible and they enter one or more visited channels/videos. They just “type” their desired message such as ``how I made 1000 $ today`` hoping that people will read what they say and follow them. In order to stay up, on the front page, they need votes and here is the part with the fake usernames. They are using them to vote their own comments in order to stay at the top of all comments which brings them …visibility or should I say, a better exposure.

What to do to prevent this phenomenon

If you don`t want to see spam on your own YouTube videos, you could simply…disable comments. If the security will be improved, probably it won`t take long until those spammers will find a solution to do this. Why ? Because temptation is everywhere if we look at the potential of this website so the only way to fix this issue is another story for those that are responsible for maintaining this website.

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