A laptop with the best eye friendly screen

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After spending so many years in front of computers and laptops I feel that my eyes gets tired way faster. Sounds familiar ? Well, this happened to me lately and I need to share this. If you spend a lot of hours in front of your computer and you feel that your eyes are tired probably it`s because of your laptop screen. Fortunately, I had a lot of different brands and only one made me eyes feel comfortable.

First of all I would like to recommend you to visit a doctor, a specialist to look at your eyes, maybe it`s something else and it`s not the screen that you`re looking at. If you already did this and you really want to change your laptop, keep reading.

As I said in a previous article named ``What should I know before buying a laptop``, the screen quality is on the first place for me and probably for you too. I`ve purchased a lot of laptops and all of them were a big disappointment for me because of their poor screen that would hurt my eyes. If I am going to list here the name of some big companies I would probably harm them or simply stole them a few clients so I am going to skip this and give the name of the laptop that made my eyes feel better.

You`re probably thinking that someone paid me to write this article but it`s not true because I am talking about a range of products that it`s available only in USA and Canada and I am not talking about the performance since there are laptops with better results, I am reffering only to the best quality of a laptop screen.

I already talked to much so go straight to Fujitsu main page and select from the products PCs and Notebooks or simply go straight to their Notebooks page ( laptops ). At the region you need to select North America ( that`s for those who didn`t wanted to follow that link or maybe this link won`t work anymore at the time that you will read this article and if that`s the case, please use the contact form or leave me a comment and I will update it).

If you followed that link you should be now at this page ``Tablet PCs and Notebooks``  and there are a lot of categories and my favourite one is ``Desktop Replacement``.

So I am here, at the Fujitsu notebooks category and I am looking at several laptops

I am going to say that the technology that they use for their laptop display is called ``Crystal View WXGA HD display``.

I am unable to provide you with any technical details or to make a detailed comparison between other laptops and these ones. I only know one thing. My eyes are hurting me when I am looking at a different laptop other than those found on this page. I am from Europe but I didn`t found these laptops on European market, only in North America. I was also unable to order a laptop from their page and when I asked they said that they are selling them only in North America. In Europe you can find Fujitsu-Siemens laptops but I`ve looked at a lot of models and they have nothing similar with these ones. In my country, a local store had a few of these desktop replacement laptops for sale and on their box was written an address from Canada. I don`t know how they get from Canada in a European country but I purchased a Fujitsu Lifebook ( A Series ) A6010 in 2007 and right now when there are less than 30 days until 2012 I am writing another article from this laptop. I am not going to say what a great laptop but regarding his screen, I am telling you that I never seen another one like this, probably the Mac but it`s more expensive as far as I know. If you`re interested in purchasing a real Fujitsu laptop and your not from North America I would recommend you to look on eBay as I have found a few local stores that were selling them worldwide ( almost worldwide ). I would like to add another off-topic ideea. Take a look at most of the laptops and you will probably read: ``Made in China``, well on my laptop you can actually read: ``Made in Japan`` but that doesn`t count for me, I would be happy to read China if the quality of the screen remains the same. If you still don`t understand what I tried to say, here it is in one phrase. My personal opinion is that the Fujitsu laptop/notebooks ( made especially for North America ) offers the best eye-friendly screen.

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