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Why use us

- We don`t use ghost writers for creating content, we are not a farm content. Currently there are two persons behind this website. One is responsible for the entire content found here while the other one is the talented programmer. Most of our articles will be focused on a beginner`s niche, you may notice that we won`t load the website with annoying popups and definitely you won`t find any spyware here. Please read our Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy.

- Most of our articles, especially those that require screenshots were written in a lot of hours, we put a lot of effort. The average time for writing an article is somewhere around 6-7 hours.

- Computers, Internet, Applications and everything else related to technology keeps changing and from time to time we update old articles. There is one exception - cars.

- Cars: When we write about specific cars, it means that we drove those cars for years and spent hundreds of hours in a service, being able to observe and ask all kind of questions. There is no imagination here, only our experience with them.

- Privacy is important to you? We feel the same so we do not track you (although, we use Google Adsense - read our privacy policy) and all we care about is your opinion regarding our work, how fast our website will load and things like that.

Hypocrisy Disclaimer: Unlike many others, this is a full-time job for us. Keep in mind that we run several other projects, all of them free and time-consuming. Did you noticed that we run only 1 single ad block / page and that only on articles and not on homepage, categories or other navigation pages? ( except search ). We also want to make a living from what we do and definitely we hate ads but there is no alternative ( at least not now ). The real purpose of this site is to be useful. If it’s useful, it allows us to earn a living from doing what we like and that’s it.