Add or create an additional sub user from Road Runner Account

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If you have a RoadRunner account, you should be able to create or add one or more usernames ( depending on which plan you purchased ) although in Road Runner email they are being called sub users. Everything can be achieved by accessing your Road Runner account. Better said, your User Account Options section. If you have a Master User you will be able to add-create other Sub Users, change their passwords or delete them. Let`s see how we can setup an additional sub user, using your master user. If you will visit roadrunner homepage ( rr ), take a look at the bottom of this page and you will notice a small section called ``Road Runner Help``. The third option from that column is called  ``Self Care``. You will need to access this page, take a look at this picture, I have added a red circle near that link :

Road Runner Self Care section of main page

When you will access that link, you should be redirected to a page called ``Road Runner Self Care`` or Subscriber Self Care, it`s the same thing. Here, you need to choose between English or Spanish language, enter your Road Runner Email Address, your password, the text that appears in a image and hit the ``Login`` button.

Road Runner Self Care login page

Now you should be at the ``User Management`` section. If your account is only a sub-user, you won`t see a picture similar with the following one. Also, if you have a primary-master email account, if you don`t have any sub users added, you won`t see a similar image. Even if you already have other sub users or not, in order to create an additional sub user, click on the link called ``Create New Sub User`` and you will be taken to the place from where you can add your first sub user. Take a look at this picture :

User Management window in Road Runner

You`re at the place from you can create-add a new sub user. All you need to do is to complete all the fields. As you can see you will need to type a New Sub User ID, first name, last name, password and again confirm your password. Finally, click on ``Create New Sub User`` button and you`re ready. I have resized this window ( made it smaller ) but that`s not important.

Create new sub user in Road Runner

If the username you`ve choosed is available and you typed everything well you should see the confirmation window. Again, I deleted a part of names for security reasons. If you want to delete this sub user you can do it by accessing the ``Return to User Management`` link.

Successful confirmation of a sub user in Road Runner


This is it. This is how you can create-add a sub user from your road runner account, actually it`s like saying that you want to add a secondary email account and I tried to keep the same expressions even if they doesn`t sound familiar for some people. I`ve also noticed that some road runner accounts allows you to create or add up to 5 usernames, other 7 or 10 or even more. This depends on your plan and for more informations you should contact a Road Runner representative through phone, live chat, email or any other form of communication.

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