Best Automation Software for Windows

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No one likes to repeat the same thing over and over again. If you could automate almost everything both on your computer or online, what task would it be? Now it`s possible with several automation tools. The disadvantage is that you need to understand how to use automation software once you will find the right application. You can choose from either shareware or freeware. Sure, we are talking about free applications here but before that, I would like to name only a few and one of the best from the shareware area: WinAutomation, Macro Scheduler, AutoMate etc...I`ve tested a couple of them and they are pretty good. I forgot to say that most of these automation programs can cost you a lot of money. Luckily, you can find several free alternatives but not all of them are perfect. After testing a couple of free apps, I decided that some of them are too complicated requiring advanced skills. What about the ordinary people like me ? I am not a programmer and if I need to request help…I would probably not understand the code.

I wanted to create a list for Windows with such programs and ideally - to be free but easy enough to be used by almost anyone. This is not a full review of such a program. It`s more like a list of them and it will be expanded.

1. AutoHotKey

An open source application software of uncompromising quality. That`s great, the next`s tiny. Less than 2 MB but still, so powerful and I will list only a couple of his features. You can automate almost any task and this can be achieved in two ways: using a recorder which will record and repeat all of your actions or you can write your own script if you understand the documentation or have programming knowledge. It allows you to create hotkeys for your mouse, keyboard or even your joystick. If you want to run another script made in AutoIt - this is possible. Even more, you can expand his capabilities and the best part where other paid alternatives will charge you hundreds of dollars: every script can be converted into an .EXE file that you can also run on another computer. There are a lot of other cool features. These are only a couple of them. I just wanted to say that I was able to record using AutoScriptWriter (recorder) a couple of things on both Windows XP and 7. I was able to open, edit and save a block of text in NotePad. I recorded a login to my webmail, l opened my browser and searched for something on Google. It`s amazing, if you need to repeat a couple of easy ( but time-consuming ) tasks, you don`t need additional help, you can create them yourself using his easy, powerful recorder. I love it, it is real and you can use it too, you just have to learn to use two buttons – Record and Stop. There is no programming experience required for easy tasks. If you require documentation or tutorial you have all the information you need here. If you require additional help with a script or looking for examples you should visit the AutoHotkey community forum. It is an excellent place with a lot of scripts and nice, helping people. I can`t be wrong if I recommend AutoHotkey as the first open-source alternative when it comes down to automation software. Download AutoHotkey.

AutoHotKey and his Recorder 

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