Best File Sharing Applications

This article was modified on 2012-05-29 10:54:25

The Internet would mean nothing without the file-sharing applications that allows people to interact, exchange and share files. It is one of the most useful inventions and also one of the most blamed area of the Internet.
You will notice that a lot of popular applications such as LimeWire ( legal issues ) or BearFlix and many others already disappeared. You will also notice that while other programs are popular it will also start to ask money or include adware or spyware. All programs listed here are legal and free to use.

The following products were not included on this list: LimeWire, BearFlix, BearShare, eMule, Torrent Swapper, SoulSeek and MP3 Rocket. If you can recommend other great products ( free ) please leave a comment. We currently recommend only two free applications as being the best choice. Here they are:


1. BitComet

A superb BitTorrent, HTTP, FTP download client coming in two versions: 32bit and 64bit for Windows users. It will work on all major Windows versions, is free and it doesn`t contain adware or spyware. It is a mature software, constantly developed since 2003. You can even preview certain video files while downloading and this will work with all downloads: BitTorrent, HTTP and FTP. It aims to speed up your downloads in HTTP and FTP modes by increasing the speed with 300-500 %. In order to achieve these results, it is using 2 technologies such as Multi-Mirror and Multi-Section download. Resume is supported if the downloading source will offer this option. I don`t like two things, it’s true, both of them are of low importance, however they worth to be mentioned. First, the lack of other versions for Linux and Mac OS X users. Second, it`s quite large in size if we will compare it to uTorrent, however it does offer a lot of features ( way more than other similar products, that`s why it`s the first product that we recommend on this list ) so make sure that you always use the latest version. Download BitComet

2. uTorrent

Actually, uTorrent was my previous choice when it comes down to torrents. I always use it, it was tiny, very stable and it still is. Not to mention that it will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It`s the second on this list simply because after so many years when they always launched free versions and warned people about other ( scam ) websites that was charging them for uTorrent they are now developing two versions: free and paid. I am not trying to underestimate or question their plans. In fact, it`s their work and everyone is free to do whatever they want with their own creations. I just don`t like the idea of creating and promoting a free product for years and then create a second product for money. It sounds like a plan for obtaining popularity and use it later to sell something. Keep in mind that I recommend the free version here, still, it is a wonderful BitTorrent client and it deserves to be mentioned here. If things will change in something bad it will be removed from this list but for now I am glad to recommend this program. Download uTorrent

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