Best Multimedia Applications for Windows

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Are you looking for popular multimedia players ? This is a list of what we like to call as the best players for Windows although some of them will also work on Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. I didn`t said multimedia players as I don`t want to limit this list to players that will help you to play a movie or listen a song.

A multimedia application can be a CD/DVD burner, a player for movies, songs or both of them. Did I missed any other great software with multimedia capabilities ? No problem, we also included the best of them.

All of them are free, tested and carefully selected. I am not trying to list here an exhaustive list, I am talking about a couple of tools ( programs ) that I also use and keep recommending them to people, so let`s get started.

A - Codecs for playing movies
B - Popular multimedia players that will open both video and audio files
C - DVD-CD burning tools

A - Codecs for playing movies

K-Lite Codec Pack

Some players will use their own codecs. Others will use a codec pack or they will work in both ways. Regardless of what you might use, this is my favorite, working and tested codec pack - K-Lite Codec Pack. I forgot to say that this is my only recommendation for the moment. It`s working well with almost all multimedia players and I always obtained the best results. You can play 99 % of all popular video formats if you use these codecs. Just make sure that this is the only codec pack installed on your computer in order to avoid any interactions. It`s really easy to install K-Lite Codeck Pack, just take a look if you need further assistance. Download K-Lite Codec Pack

B - Popular multimedia players that will open and play both video and audio files

There are several multimedia players which will deliver a great experience. Stick with the one that works best for you. I never used more than 1-2 players on my computer.

1. Media Player Classic

An excellent multimedia player that comes integrated in K-Lite Codec Pack ( Full and Standard versions ) but it can be installed separately. Most of the people that installs K-Lite Codec Pack also installs this player but they don`t know that they also installs this player. No ads, light, excellent multimedia capabilities it should be a perfect choice for most of the people. Download Media Player Classic

2. VLC media player

This is another free alternative. You don`t need codecs for most of the media files such as: MPEG-2, H.264, DivX, MPEG-4, WebM, WMV player. It`s not limited to them it can also play webcams and streams. It is extremely popular and it`s a player that will work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX. Download VLC media player

3. Gom Player

Formerly known as GOM Media Player this is my favorite media player. I discovered this player back in 2007 and I keep using it ever since. Easy to use, with a lot of features you really don`t need to spend your money on a shareware alternative. It worked for me and it still works, I will let you know when I will stop using it. Let`s hope that it will last as much as possible. Download Gom Player

4. The KMP Player

A fantastic player, it can be another free alternative. You can play and open almost any multimedia file...just like the other players, it will even offer a better file format support but there is one thing that it`s different. The ability to play incomplete or damaged AVI files, sure it depends on how you would define ``a damage`` but it worth to be tested. It`s just a matter of taste, however this player has a huge community and that`s a good sign. Download The KMP Player

C - DVD-CD burning tools

I will never understand why a CD/DVD burning application needs to have hundreds of MB. If you feel the same and you`re looking for a free, tiny and useful tool, check the following list:

1. CD-Burner XP

Burn CDs and DVDs ( Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs included ) and also burn or create ISOs. You can also create bootable discs and even audio CDs with or without gaps between tracks those are only a couple of his features. If you used to pay money for a CD/DVD application, this should do the same thing except that you no longer pay for such a program. Download CDBurnerXP

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