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If you`re looking for a professional email service and you`re willing to pay a small amount of money for this service I have a personal recommendation.
Before I start showing you some pics and argue why I think it is the best email provider I would like to say that I have been using this email provider for the last 13 years!
If you don't have the time to read the entire article, you can check (features and everything else) the official homepage here.
All this time I have used other popular email services such as Yahoo! Gmail and others. The following information is based on my experience from last 16 years with several paid email providers.

Free email providers (SKIP this part if you already tried them)

I know, free email services sucks if you have the money and you want something that will load fast and it`s stable. I mean, you`re willing to pay some money so it should be damn stable, you`re not going to loose your emails. There are a couple of alternatives but I am going to show you what I like and NO (again), nobody paid me for writing this article. I am going to talk only from my personal experience.
I tried a lot of free email providers. If you must use a free email provider, my current recommendation is GMAIL. It is not perfect but hey, it's free and for the last years they offer a lot of features for free.

Three solutions

I recommend you to choose from the following three suggestions: ISP email, webhosting services and dedicated email provider. I will provide a brief description of them (without getting to much in details).

1. You could use your ISP provider email (usually this is provided for free)
Since you`re paying for an Internet connection, most ISP’s (Internet Service Provider)  will “give” a free email address that should not contain any advertisements, if they run advertisements it sucks, I know. However, some of them are serious enough not to annoy their customers with advertisement. In fact, you already pay for their service. In USA I know about Comcast, EarthLink, Juno, NetZero (same with Juno - it`s the United Online company I guess), Road Runner (RR), Cox and there are many others but I am not going to list all Internet providers here.
If you already tried your ISP email and you don`t like it, move to the next alternative
2. You could purchase a domain name with a webhosting package (I seen this being used by most webmasters or other people working in the IT industry)
Yes, this could be an option especially when you pay around $ 100 or less/ year for your own website with your own email. Your email could look like this:

john @ johncompany . com or john @ mycompany . net
It would look good but it depends if you need such an email. If you intend to run a small business this would be one of the best things to do. For maximum safety, you could forward your email address to a free one such as GMAIL, just in case that something bad happens. At least you won’t loose your contacts. From where? There are several webhosting companies with low prices such as:

Those are only a couple of them with affordable prices (make your own research and read reviews about them before buying anything from them - don`t say that I didn`t warned you). I currently use InMotionHosting (previously HostGator) but I heard good things about others webhosting providers too.
If this is not a solution for you, check the last alternative (and probably the best).
3. Buy an email from a company that provides only paid email addresses.
My favorite company that provides paid email services is although it was purchased by those from Opera and resold back to the original owners (and team behind this service). Yes, I have one email address at them and I am using it since 2003 which means almost 13 years. never disappointed me, not a single failure. Back in 2003 I was using a dial-up connection and when I was logging in their email it was fast, light-speed compared with other email providers; 13 years later the same speed.
This is their address:
They have many features. So much features that you will never use them but at least you know that there's no other email service like them. As you can see the "Premier" and "Enhanced" allow you to use your own domain which is great; use the name you want over the existing FastMail infrastructure.
Unfortunately, they removed the free account option which had ads+taglines displayed, this is an old image of their sign-up options

FastMail paid email plans
Now, the only option is to sign-up as a 30 days free trial account and after this period you will have to choose from several plans. The cheapest option is called "Lite plan" and will cost you $10/year but my recommendation is to go with the "Full plan" for $20/year which gives you more space. If you need even more space and features, there's ""Enhanced plan" for $40/year and the "Premier" plan valued at $120/year. You can check the main differences between them in the following image.
 FastMail paid email plans
I hope they will never change. This is the best email service that I know and when I said that, I was talking about a company that exists since 1999 which is something. I wouldn`t consider a company that has 1-2 years old in this niche. Everyone could buy a webhosting package and install a mail application, there are many of them. The Internet is full of such fake reliable email providers. NO, I am talking about Fastmail because I was using them since 2003 and they never disappointed me, not even once in 13years: no downtimes, no interface issues etc. Try a free user, check all of their features and services and see if you like them. You can pay on a monthly basis (not sure if this is still available) so you have nothing to lose. It`s exactly what I did and that`s why I was thinking at this article. One last thing: there are no shiny graphics for a good reason. To keep their services blazing fast, even for dial-up or slow Internet Connections.

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