Best Text Editors for Windows

This article was modified on 2012-05-29 10:43:38

If you don`t like the traditional text editor, the well-known Notepad from Windows you may want to check the following recommended alternatives. Since the best things in life are free, you`re going to find free alternatives to Notepad. If you do have any other suggestion, why don`t you contribute with your knowledge but before you do that please try to avoid sending me ``paid solutions`` or poor software. Take a look at my suggestion and if you think you know another ``wonderful`` alternative, let`s build a useful list for everyone.

I almost forgot, since we`re trying to provide only free alternatives here, we are going to ignore the shareware solutions. Still, if somehow you`re a fan of paid programs, I used to recommend TextPad to people as a shareware text editor. I wasn`t affiliated with them or something like that, I just love how it helped me to open huge text files since it was fully functional for a period of 30 days. Enough with the paid programs, most people want to know if there is a free alternative and if it doesn`t cost them any money, why bother buying a tool that does the same thing ? When I said “the best text editors” I was thinking at the minimum requirements:

- A text editor should be tiny, as small as possible
- Use low resources and work on as many Windows versions as possible
- Ideally, everything must be intuitive
- It should open large text files very fast
- It must be able to open very big text files
- Offer free and useful plugins- To be able to open and edit different file types, other than plain text such as html, php, javascript etc

Keep in mind that I might add other free text editors once I find them, sure they must be really useful. The first and the only recommendation ( so far ) is a software called NotePad++, here is a picture with this wonderful text application. Please note that I love to call it a ``text application`` although the official description names it a source code editor.

NotePad Plus Plus
Notepad++ is free for all of us and it is one of the best tools that you wouldn`t want to miss from your software collection once you get used to it. It creates dependency…quite fast, especially if you work a lot with all kind of text files. It`s the perfect source code editor for every webmaster and person that needs to work and edit files with a better program, other than the regular NotePad from Windows. Did you tried to open a file but it`s so big that you`ll need to start your task manager and kill the process ? How about a spell checker when writing something in a light-usage editor ? Would you like to convert a block of text from UPPER CASE to lower case ? Do you need to replace a word, letter or number and it takes forever ? If you do, you really need this source code editor. It has so many useful features...I won`t say more....I will let you discover why it`s so powerful and how it can make your life easier. Download NotePad++

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