Best Web Browsers for Windows

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The entire content of this article is based on (1) statistics and (2) comparison between most popular browsers. If you already know all browsers listed here (most people do) read this article with other alternatives.
Statistics: According to HowToAnswer statistics (for year 2012) and those from W3Schools, the most popular browsers are (ordered by popularity): Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and others.
Browser statistics
The statistics from the previous image were taken from HowToAnswer. If you're looking for global stats, take a look at those from W3Schools and StatCounter.
Conclusion: Statistics can be misleading as they are different for each website. However, there is one obvious thing. Google Chrome earns more and more market share while Internet Explorer loses more users.
Comparison: A good browser, should be secure, regularly updated, rich in features and simple. Therefore, I added a comparison table between the first 5 browsers that dominated the browser market in the last 10 years. You might be disappointed but the real purpose was to highlight the most important things.
Browsers comparison table
Updates - how many updates released / year.
Security - related to update frequency which include patches to major security issues.
Features - how many features available.
Simplicity - ease of use for each browser.
Speed - determined by the same hardware configuration and operating system.
Help - where you can find more articles and how-to's about each browser.
Conclusion: In my opinion, all browsers are almost the same regarding simplicity, speed and the documentation available (help). Test all of them on the same hardware configuration and operating system. Chances are that you won't notice a significant difference between them. What makes the true difference here is how fast they fix any security problem and the number of their features. Due to a huge community of developers, Google Chrome (from Chromium project) and Mozilla Firefox are both equal and surpass all the other browsers.
Final Conclusion: The term of "best browser" is nothing but a rating given to one or more browsers based on global user experience. Internet Explorer was on the first spot for years, long before Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome existed. Now, the new king is Google Chrome. Probably, in the next 10 years it will be replaced by another browser or a different method that will allow us to browse the web. I will end this article with a top of the best browsers for Windows that I currently use (arranged by how much I use them).
Top of popular browsers

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