Can you earn money from Google aka Adsense

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If you`re here, you`re probably wondering if you can earn money from Google. You`ve heard that Google can pay you if you have a website or maybe you know someone, a friend, a relative that does this. I suppose that you also don`t know very much about this so I am going to try to provide you a good answer or should I say...a realistic answer.

1. Can you earn money from Google ? The answer is Yes but it depends.

Google can pay you via Google Adsense, a free program that allows you to earn money through your website. The entire plan is simple, on your website you`re going to place a code provided from Google and they display some ads that are relevant to your content. If you`re talking about cars, Google code will display ads related to cars. Let`s say that you`re writing about changing the oil at a car, there is a good chance that those ads will advertise about a great company that produces an oil for your car or a company that gives you a discount if you will change the oil at them and so on, you get the picture. Let`s say that in one day, 100 visitors will enter on your website. One or more of them are interested in changing their oil but they don`t know where or how to do that. Sure, you`ve created a good article and one or more visitors sees the ads which are relevant to what they want and click on them. Now, each time when someone will click on those ads, a part of those earnings will become your own earnings. It depends a lot on the niche of your website. For example a website that talks about banks could earn more money than another one that talks about poetry.


More information regarding Google Adsense can be found here :


2. How much money can you earn ? Again, it depends

If you`re thinking that you`re going to become a rich person, using Google you could be either right or wrong. The truth is that chances are 99 % to fail and 1 % to succeed. If you`re serious about making money from the Internet, you have to know that it will take you a lot of time and in some cases a lot of money. You have to research, research and learn from someone else experience. Not to mention that the Internet is full of scams and crooks, everywhere. You will find a lot of websites that will tell you the following: buy my book and you will know all the secrets for only $ 50. Buy my program that will increase your visitors, it will sky rocket your sales and so on. Again, 99.9 % of those ``methods`` are fake and they will only waste your time and money if you will fall for them.

3. Is it so hard to earn money from Google ? Why ?

Yes it is, it`s damn hard. Let`s make this simple so that you can understand. Before launching your own website, take a look and see if someone else already did something similar. After that, find out the date when they started their business online. How many clients they have ? How many visitors ? How successful is their business ? If you think that you can do something better than them, you can try but if you will fail, don`t get dissapointed, because this happened to me too.

4. What does it take to earn some money from Google ? Any secret formula ?

There is no secret formula, there is no easy way to get rich by sitting and watching how your adsense income grows unless you`re some kind of a boy genius and you will create a website that will grow only from visitors content. Let`s face it, the chances are 1 in a billion. If you feel that you can create a new social network website, congratulations and keep up the good work. Otherwise, the right thing to do is to create something that you know very well. If you`re an expert in cars, ipods, computers, food, internet, health and so on, the best thing to do is to create a website in that area ( something different than others ) and start with a content that will attract visitors. If you`re an expert in more fields you can create a general website or several websites. How you will promote your website and how you`re going to attract people, it`s also a different story. Keep in mind that unique and good, interesting content will bring quality to your readers. If you intend to earn money, you can do it using Google Adsense but it requires more knowledge and experience, much more than reading this article.

5. Okay, really what does it take to make money from Google ?

Let`s face it. If you really want to make money from Google then you need to know the following :

- Buying a domain name + hosting is easy ( there are hundreds of acceptable webhosting companies on the Internet )
- Creating a website, a platform is easy (, and many other similar solutions )
- Creating the content or selling something on your own website is extremely hard, not impossible but definetely not for everyone.

You may consider this article as an introduction, the first page that you read when you`re starting with a book. You are looking at that book and you`re looking at hundreds of pages and you know somewhere, deep in your heart that you have to spend hundreds of hours in order to finish the book. That`s exactly the same story with making money from Google ( Adsense ).

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