Create AVI files from PNG JPEG and BMP images format

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If you`re interested in creating an AVI using JPEG ( JPG  ) PNG or BMP images you`ve landed on the right page. I would like to present you a free ( clean ) application that will do the job. This is a small utility named MakeAVI. The entire application has around 300 KB ( Zip archive ) and when decompressed you get a double size. It`s small, free and it will work.

Note: I`ve been testing this on Windows XP SP 3 and Windows 7 - although screenshots were made both in XP and 7 in order to obtain a smaller size. I`ve also used the PNG image format instead of JPG or BMP, it`s just a matter of taste - I personally prefer PNG. At a first look, you don`t need any help, however I`ve encountered several errors such as: movies were playing too fast and I was able to see only one image, when trying to create an AVI from pics with a different size I couldn`t, I obtained huge files, I also didn`t understood how to use the playback frame rate etc.

What I did was to return to ``Readme`` file, read everything carefully and finally, I`ve figured how to use MakeAVI. I will stop here and I will share with you my entire experience with this utility. First, go to MakeAVI homepage and download the application. As I said, it`s a ZIP archive and it should look like this:

MakeAVI zip archive
Obviously you need to extract the ZIP archive but before you do, create a Folder, otherwise you will get four files spread. Here`s what I`ve did - all files in one folder :

MakeAVI files in a folder
Now, I will open Paint ( you can use any other graphical applications ) and I will create several PNG files. Actually I will create 10 images, each one of them representing a number from 1 to 10. I will skip this part however here`s how it looks after I finished this process.

Important Note: It`s very important to keep an approximate size for each image, be consistent. In this example, all of my images have 224x240 size. It doesn`t matter what they ``contain`` if one pic is larger than another because of what`s inside. I am not going to explain how to do this but here`s a tip: in Paint ( from Windows ) or any other graphic application, create a standard size and paste or create all the pics ( images ) in that size - that`s it. Keep the same size and you will create great AVI files not to mention that it will also look more professional. I will explain you why this is so important.

Folder that contains PNG files
I`ve opened MakeAVI - that`s how it looks, it may look like it doesn`t have a lot of features but it works. First thing to do is to click on ``Add Files``.

MakeAVI interface
Navigate to the folder where you`ve created your files, select them and click on ``Open`` to load them in program interface.

Open pics folder

As you can see I`ve loaded all of them and I selected the ``Crop`` feature. You can read the following statement from ``Readme`` file: ``All the images have to be the same size to go into an AVI file``. If you will try to use a set of images that has a different size you will get an error and you will not be able to create an AVI. The ``Crop`` feature will adjust the images BUT you will obtain a bad looking result. Also, for the first time, use a lower playback frame and adjust later to a higher or lower speed - it depends on how you want the result to appear. Those are the only 2 settings so click ``Begin`` button to move on.

Use Cropping and set Playback frame rate

You will be required to choose a location of where to save the AVI file and also to add a name to this file. When you`re ready - SAVE.

Give a name to the AVI file
There is also a small pop-up window that will allow you to choose a video compressor. If you plan to encode this file to other video formats later keep the default compression method ``Full Frames ( Uncompressed )``.

Compressor - Full Frames Uncompressed
In this example, I am not interested in editing this file later. I just want a small size ( as small as possible ) so I will choose the following compression method: ``Cinepak Codec by Radius``.

Compressor - Cinepak Codec by Radius

Right after I hit the ``OK`` button, the file will be created. In order to see the result, I need to navigate to the folder  ( location ) where I specified to be saved. That`s how it looks on my computer, please note the .AVI extension.

AVI file created
My default video player is Gom Player ( you probably use another one ) but you can use any multimedia player capable to play AVI format. Here`s how it looks when I opened the file I`ve just created in my player.

AVI file playing in GOM Player

Even more, the AVI file has around 62KB ( tiny ) but I have compressed the file using WinRAR and I`ve uploaded the archive in RAR format which reduced this to 17 KB. If you`re curious to see how it looks, download my 1st-AVI-file-from-PNG-images and extract the RAR archive ( all major file archivers will work ). The ``movie`` looks like the introduction of an old movie from past century. I repeat, you can make AVI files from PNG, JPEG or BMP images but not GIF format, at least not at the time that I`ve wrote this article.

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