Difference between VW Polo and Golf

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Volkswagen Golf and Polo are already well-known models between VW car fans. I asked myself the same question, what should I choose a VW Golf or a Polo? What is the major difference between these two cars? I own a VW Polo and driven several Golf models III, IV, V, VI and VII. I am not talking about older or newer models, I am going to talk about the main difference on a long-term and looking back at the previous versions.
VW Polo: This is (as everyone knows) a smaller Golf. Everything inside looks great, good quality interior, almost looks like a Golf but at a smaller scale. If you decide to buy a Polo, you probably live in a city where it can be parked easily or at least easier than a Golf. The engines are similar although Polo doesn`t share the same power with his bigger brother at some engines. An exception would be the GTI version but we are talking here about a “normal” VW Polo that most of the people would buy. I said that it can be the favorite of those living in a city but that doesn`t mean that it doesn`t handle well on a long road - I have been driving this model for thousands of km's across Europe. Especially the diesel engines were designed for those who were making long trips (over 30.000 km/ year). Polo can be a decent car on a long trip but not that comfortable when compared with the Golf. Here is a picture with a VW POLO 6R. It was released for the first time in 2009 and as far as I know it has a production plan for 8 years.
VW Polo 6R

VW Golf: Until VW Golf 6 (previous generation of Golf), the difference between Polo and Golf was small. For example, the plastics and audio systems were the same. The things changed after Golf 7 was launched. It`s larger than any previous Golf and it looks like a car that you would buy because you want it to be a perfect balance between driving a car in a city and also outside on a trip. At this car you will notice the same engines that are available at Polo but you will also find more options and powerful engines if you have the money for them. It has several advantages when compared with his little brother Polo. It is larger, more comfortable, built on a completely new platform (MQB) and technology. Here is a picture with VW GOLF 7.
VW Golf 7
Golf will offer you a couple of options that you can`t find at a Polo even if you have the money. For example at the time that I am writing this article at Polo you can order automatic climatronic feature but not the dual zone climatronic, seat with extended adjustments for the driver (ergoActive), new audio system etc. There are several options found only on Golf. It make sense if you`re going to ask me, since the space is not that big when compared with a Golf. I know that people would want to choose the temperature of their air but remember that not a long time ago, most of the cars didn`t had an A/C or climatronic. Ask your father or your grandpa.

Main advantages (short comparison)
Golf is more comfortable when compared with the Polo but don`t imagine that it`s a huge difference between them.
A Golf will offer more space so if you travel with more than 2 persons I would recommend a Golf because you don`t know when you need more space.
Golf is faster (in some cases) because it offers a couple of gas and diesel engines that can`t be found at a Polo. I am talking about normal cars (forget about the GTI cars).
Because of it's size and new safety innovations, Golf it's safer.

Polo is cheaper than a Golf and it will offer you almost the same technology if we`re talking about the ABS, ESP, ASR, HoldHill functions etc...
You can park a Polo easier than a Golf and you will drive it easily because of it`s size (in a busy town).
Polo parts are also cheaper and it will cost you less money not to mention the fuel economy when we will compare two engines that can be found on both cars. Since Polo weight is 100 kg less than a Golf it will be more economical if the same engine will be used on both cars (if both cars has Start-Stop technology - BlueMotion).
Conclusion: Which one of them would be the best alternative for you? It`s easy, if you need more space and comfort choose the VW Golf. If what you need is a practical car, with a decent space and almost all the options that a car needs nowadays (I mean the useful one such as the ABS, ESP etc) choose the Polo. If you can’t decide, I would recommend you to schedule a test-drive at a Volkswagen dealer. This should give you a better idea and should be the final decision between these two cars. Right now I drive a Polo since I am a young person without a family, it`s an awesome car but in the future I would choose the Golf. It`s the next car that I would like to drive after the Polo.

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