Disable USB port access in Windows using myUSBonly

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How can you block an USB device such as a flash memory stick, pen, external hard drive from getting access to your computer. Search for this information on the Internet – or read this article. There are several suggestions on how you can modify Windows registry settings in order to prevent USB devices. However, it`s not a fast or easy thing to do especially for novice users. How do we do this for several different operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows 7 ?

Well, there is a simple solution named myUSBonly. This is a software that runs on Microsoft Windows ( almost all versions ) and his job is to protect all USB ports. It doesn`t matter what kind of device is trying to obtain access, you need to provide a password for each USB device. Otherwise you can keep trying but it`s not going to work.

This is a short introduction of myUSBonly features and how to use it. First, download myUSBonly software. Install the application and follow the steps. Once you`ve installed the application look after his icon. It should be running in your taskbar. If you perform a right-click with your mouse on that icon you should see the following image:

General Setup
First thing to do is to access the main interface so make sure that you select ``General Setup``. When you access this area you need to provide a password. As you can see in the following pic, the default password is ``0000``. You definitely need to change this password if you want a better security. For the first time enter the default password to get access to myUSBonly settings.

USB Setup Window

Great, that`s how it looks. This is the main software interface, you can setup a couple of things such as changing the default password but I will focus on something else - external USB devices. You can play with all the other settings later, the interface is very intuitive even for novice users.

MyUSBOnly main interface

Now that I installed myUSBonly and it`s running on my computer, let`s see how is going to react when I connect an USB device. I will insert one of my external hard drives in my computer and here is the result:

MyUSBOnly USB Port Security prompt window blocking access to USB device
A new pop-up window will let you know the following: ``The policy set for this computer prohibits the use of this unauthorized storage device.`` It requires a password and also an action from your side - ``Allow`` or ``Dismiss``. myUSBonly did a great job, he prevented my external HDD to gain access on my computer automatically.

That`s what we wanted but it can become really annoying if we would insert the same device a couple of times a day. It`s like slowing down our activity and wasting our time. Well, not exactly. myUSBonly is smart enough and he can ``remember`` any USB device that should be allowed to connect automatically.

Here`s how to authorize future connections from the same USB devices. Go to myUSBonly main interface. To do this, click on the ``Device Whitelist`` ( option located on the left side of the program interface ) and you should see a picture such as this one :

Detect USB device

If you insert ( plug-in ) a USB device and hit the ``Detect`` button the device will appear under ``Scan New Device Name``. Once it`s there click on ``Add to Whitelist`` button and it will move the device under the ``Device Name Whitelist``. Once you do this - make sure that you click on the ``Save`` button in order to save your preferences. That's a only one step process once you add an device to the whitelist.

Add USB device to Whitelist

That`s it, try to remove the USB device and insert back in one of your USB ports. It should automatically connect to your computer, I`ve also made another picture with this on my laptop.

New USB drive access allowed
Conclusion: I would highly recommend you to avoid using the whitelist option. It may take you several seconds from your life to type the password but at least you don`t have to think at other security flaws. So it`s safer to enter a password each time when you want to connect a USB to one of your USB ports. Also, if your computer security is being compromised such as a keylogger - myUSBonly password will be known by the attacker but that`s another discussion. This application does what he was designed to do - to disable, block, prevent unauthorized USB access to your computer providing full control over USB ports.

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