Find your MAC and IP address in Windows

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Important: Instructions for Windows 7 available here.
The following article will show you how to get your MAC or IP Address from a computer running Microsoft Windows. It applies to XP Home, Professional, SP1, SP2, SP3 versions. It should also work for Windows 2000 or other versions.

If you don’t use Windows XP, don’t worry, as far as I know, this method described here should work both on Windows Vista and 7. Press the Start menu button in your Windows.  Right-after, press the “Run...” box just like in the picture below.  If you use another desktop theme, locate “Run...” box window that looks like the one in this picture:

Start button in Windows XP
If you choose “Run...” in your Windows menu, then you should see a new small window. Example: next picture. Make sure that you type in that window this command “cmd” and a new black window will open, please type “cmd” (without the quotes) and then press  “OK”.

Now you should see a black window that has a similar title with this one “C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe”. The name of this window is: Command Prompt Window for Windows or Microsoft Windows Interpreter Window.

Windows Interpreter window aka Command Prompt
In the following window, type the following command: (without using the quotes) "ipconfig /all". Press ENTER key of your keyboard, exactly as you see in the next picture:

ipconfig all command
If you typed "ipconfig /all" and pressed ENTER button from your keyboard you should see in the same window some results. In this window you can find your MAC and IP address and more information.

Mac and IP Address in Command Prompt
Physical Address: 00-1E-53-51-25-3E (this is the MAC Address)
IP Address: My router assigned me this IP address. 
This is not my real, INTERNET IP address. I will explain it to you right away.
Now you need to note your MAC address and your IP address on a piece of paper somewhere because you cannot copy and paste them. If you noted them somewhere you can exit from this window by typing ‘exit’ and the window will close.
For those who did not understood what are their IP address and the MAC address. Here they are, take a look at these images: they represent the MAC (first one known as Physical Address ) and the IP Address (second):

Physical Address

IP Address
Note: A disabled or not installed Network Card will usually result in what you see in the following image.

Windows IP Configuration
Second Note:  Network Card is working properly if you can see Physical Address. There is no IP because there is no connectivity for an Internet Connection. Check your router or connection with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Results of ipconfig command with MAC Address but no IP assigned
Third Note: If the IP address starts with: 192.168.X.X – please note that this is not your real Internet IP Address. 192.168.X.X  IP address format is assigned by a router. If you want to see your real IP address that your Internet provider has assigned it to your computer (network card). Visit Google or your favorite search engine.  Search for “show IP” and there are many websites that will reveal real IP address.

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