How do I install and create a free Graboid Video account

This article was modified on 2012-12-31 07:09:31

This article has been re-written and updated. The previous articles were about an old version of Graboid Video 1.4 written in 2008, Graboid Video Family version 2.3, written on January 23, 2012 and the current one that covers 3.x versions - updated on 1st January 2013. However, regardless of what version you`re going to choose to install on your computer, this article is useful in both cases if what you want is to learn how to install and create a free Graboid Video account.

Many of us never heard about Graboid Video software, so we are going to make a short review. It is a software that allows you to watch movies, tv shows or any video content from your computer. It contains a huge database with over 150.000 movies, tv shows etc. It is perfect for those who missed their favourite tv show or movie because they can watch it anytime with Graboid. There are many more things to say about Graboid but the purpose of this article is to show people how to setup a free graboid account.
Step 1 - Installing Graboid Video  (You may want to skip this step if you`re an experienced user)

Before doing anything we need to make sure that we have the latest version, if you use an older version or simply want to check if a new version is available, you can download Graboid Video before creating the free account.
After you download the setup file on your computer it`s time to start the installation.

Open GraboidVideoSetup executable file and a new window named``Graboid Video 3.58 Setup`` (at the time that this article was written, the current version of Graboid Video, version Family is 3.58) will open.

As you can see in the setup window, you can't perform a custom setup. You have to read the license terms and if you agree, check "I Agree" and start the setup. Although, the setup is now easier than ever I don't like the idea of "not seeing" what files will be installed. At the end of setup, it will install VLC Media Player which is a free, open-source software - nothing wrong with that but I would like to know that so that's why I wrote this. A custom setup would be nice.

Click on ``Install Graboid`` button to start the installation of Graboid Video, also depending on your computer resources this might take a few minutes so be patient.

Graboid Video setup

I had to wait for a couple of minutes until I got this message: "Install Successful". The next step is to choose "Launch Graboid". Theoretically that was the setup part.
Graboid was installed
Step 2 - Creating a free Graboid Video account
If you hit the "Launch Graboid" button, the software interface will launch. Before you will be able to test or use the program, you have to create your free account. Look on the right-corner after a red button named "Create Free Account" and click on it.
Create free account button in Graboid Video interface 

A new window will open and you have to complete all required fields. You have to enter your name, email and password twice and that's it. When you're ready click on "Create Free Account" button.
Signup for a free account
The next window will allow you to separate the adult content from others. I can't help you here, you have to take your own decision so make sure that you read carefully the following message:
Graboid may contain material that would be inappropriate for some users.
Are you over 18 and willing to see adult content?
Adult content warning message
Regardless of your decision, you will be informed that Graboid sent you a confirmation email. Leave this window open, launch your browser and check your email inbox.
We've sent you a confirmation email!
Click the link in the email to verify your email address and complete registration.
TIP: If you haven't received an email from Graboid within a few minutes, check your spam or junk folder.
After verifying your email click the "Start" button to begin
Account confirmation sent
That's how the standard email from Graboid looks. Follow the instructions provided in order to activate your free trial account. If you didn't receive the email check your Junk or Spam folders.
Graboid account activation email
If you can see the following window, your account has been successfully activated. To return to program interface and start the application choose the "Watch Videos" button.
Your account has been activated.
Thanks for signing up! You're so close to internet video happiness. All you have to do is log into the app, click the "Start" button to complete the sign up process and start watching!
Account has been activated
You will be redirected back to a previous window, click on "Start" button to open the program interface.
Start Graboid
Finally, you installed Graboid and you also created a free trial account. If you see anything similar with this picture (look up in the right corner) that says ``Remaining: 2000 MB`` you are already logged in to your free Graboid account.
Graboid Video
Note: The installation process is now easier but I noticed that when you sign up for a free Graboid Video account you have only 2000 MB to use for free instead of 4000 MB. Probably they`ve done this to discourage the people that were trying to create multiple Graboid Video accounts instead of paying for one of their plans but this is not the purpose of this article.

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