How do I open and view NFO files in Windows

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If you want to open a NFO file, it`s actually one of the easiest thing to do. If you`re trying to open NFO files for the first time, it probably looks complicated and you would assume that they require an additional software to open them. It`s not true and I`ve seen on the Internet a couple of programs asking for money to open such files. I have no idea if some of them are some sort of scams and it`s not the purpose of this article. I am going to show you how to open and view NFO files in Windows. This method has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and 7 so it should work on other versions of Windows too. If you tried to open such files you will probably receive the following error: ``System Information is unable to open this .nfo file. The file might be corrupt or incompatible with this version of System Information.`` - this is a standard error message in Windows 7.

Depending on their size ( most NFO files are tiny ) you can open NFO files with Notepad or WordPad. Locate a NFO file and perform a right-click on that file and select ``Open With``. Choose Notepad and the file will open in Notepad. ( I have increased the size of the icon for a better image )

Opening a NFO file with Notepad

If you don`t see Notepad, repeat the operation - right-click on that file and select ``Open With`` and finally ``Choose default Program...``, after that a new window will appear and from there you have to select Notepad or WordPad. Additionally you can check the little box that says: ``Always use the selected program to open this kind of file``.

Open with window in Windows 7

If you are not able to open or view NFO files with the method described, simply open Notepad and from there go to File - Open ( Ctrl + O ) and navigate to the folder where the NFO file exists. Make sure that you select ``All files`` instead of Text Documents.txt, so that you can see the NFO file and when it will appear, click on it and open it. As I said, you don`t need a program for this kind of files, NFO files contains text and they are usually files that contains informations about other files that comes with. If you will try to open such files directly all you will see is nothing more than your PC information. I keep saying Notepad because it`s the easiest way to open such files but you can open them as I said with WordPad or with any other powerful editor such as NotePad++ ( freeware ) or TextPad ( shareware ).

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