How much money can you earn with Google Adsense

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I would like to know the truth about Google Adsense and how much can you earn from them. I`ve read all kind of stories on the Internet, some of the are unbelievable and also can you make a living off Google ?

Right from the start I would like to say that I already covered another subject of this question. Can you earn money from Google aka Adsense is actually an introduction.

Your question was ``how much`` can you earn and I will try to give an answer here. Please keep in mind that everything depends on what niche are we referring to. Are we talking about a website with software downloads or about how to articles ? There are two different things, as some websites are focused on history, geography, financial data, computers, some of them contain a part from all of them, see Wikipedia and so on...

It all comes to the main subject of the website and how much money exists in that niche. Some websites may earn more money than others simply because there are more advertisers in that category. I am not going to insist on that as it is a complete different thing, how the money goes from advertisers to Google Adwords and then to Google Adsense.

I can talk about all kind of things but I bet you would like to know some data just to make an idea. I am not going to post pictures here as I didn`t ask for permissions. But here`s what to expect.

At 2.000.000 unique visitors if you will have a 5 percent of people that will click on your Google Ads it will mean around 100.000 clicks. This would mean around 15.000 EURO or 19,948.40 USD.

However I didn`t say anything about what I`ve paid in order to get those visitors. Three websites means 3 hosting packages. Google says that you need backlinks in order to create a strong presence online. Sure, you get a lot of natural backlinks in a couple of years if you have a great content but if you`re on a highly competitive niche you`re going to buy some SEO services. They cost a lot of thousands of dollars or even more. I could say that from the entire amount coming from Google at least 50 percent of the money were spent on something related to my websites.  I said 50 percent but it`s even more.

Sure, it may sound encouraging and many of you would be tempted to quit their jobs and start a new life. It`s also true that it depends on which country you live and how much value has  100 - 300 United Stated Dollar or Euros on a monthly basis.

365 days x 5 years = 1825 days
15.000 Euro - 1825 days = 8.21 Euro - per day

If you would live in United States, Europe or any other country you would probably be a poor person with this money. If you would have to eat and pay a rent it would be impossible. Maybe in other countries it would represent a decent living but not in most of the world.  I am going to stop here with these comparisons as I feel that I am getting in another discussion.Before you do that, keep in mind that I achieved this performance in 5 years. You would be surprised to know that I am thinking at other alternatives of making money. Google Adsense is fantastic if you have those visitors in one month or even in 3-6 months.

Google Adsense is the worst and also the best thing that happened to me.

The worst: Once you get used with the money coming from Adsense it will draw your attention from other projects. You`re getting interested by all kind of things such as how many ads should I use, where should I place those ads in order to obtain a better income and so on. Even if you don`t realize it you`re working for Google. You`re probably making a low income and you hope at more but you`re not the only one. Google also has other millions of employees just like you. I am one of the them too, so I guess I should say: Hello ! I am working too for Google.

The best: On the other hand, if you`re starting with Google Adsense and find another way to monetize your website it`s awesome. Adsense will represent the first step, you will gain confidence for other ideas. If you can apply them you`re on the good way and you may have a bright future.

I just learned that Google Adsense uses you and your website. I was a fool trying to think that I am making money from the greatest search engine. Probably this is the best example of their model. 

You have a small hotel on an island and Google is the biggest tourist agency in the world. They get their commission for each visitor and they don`t care about you. For a couple of years they`ve sent you clients to your hotel and it was good for your business. Once they changed their vision your hotel doesn`t exist for them anymore as they found something else. They move on and you`re out of the game.

That`s the biggest mistake when playing with Google. It all comes on how fast can you figure something else to bring money ( without disturbing your visitors ) while you get the love from the greatest search engine. The big players will continue to make money with this service. I am talking here about successful websites that received and still receives millions of visits per day or even per month. They already have a big budget and also other alternatives to monetize their content. 

It was a great experience for me but I ( sadly ) discovered that Google Adsense is no longer a good option on the long run.

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