How to add a mobile phone number to a Hotmail Windows Live account

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You can add a mobile phone number to your Hotmail - Windows Live account in two ways. The first would be when you sign up for a Windows Live Hotmail account. You can add a mobile phone number from there but since you`ve already created an email account I am going to show you how to do it. First, sign in your email account and from there locate ``Options`` ( it`s one the upper-right corner ). If you clicked on ``Options`` choose ``More Options from that window.

More Options section in Hotmail - Windows Live

You will be taken to ``Hotmail Options`` and the first main feature is called ``Managing your account`` and you have to access the first option called ``Account details (password, aliases, time zone)``.

Account details (password, aliases, time zone) in Hotmail Options

When trying to access this area ``Account details (password, aliases, time zone)`` for security reasons you required to re-enter your email password. So please enter your password and hit the ``Sign In`` button.

Re-enter your password in Hotmail


Moving forward, you will be redirected to ``Account overview`` and from this section go to ``Account security`` section and click on ``Manage`` option :

Account overview in Hotmail Windows Live

Now you should be at the ``Manage security info`` section and right under you will have the option that allows you to add a mobile phone so click on ``Add New``

Manage security info in Hotmail - Windows Live

Here it is, the last step, add a mobile phone number and click on ``SAVE``button and that`s it.

Adding a mobile phone number in Hotmail

Adding a mobile phone number is useful especially if you want to recover your hotmail account password. If you would like to forward your Hotmail - Windows Live email to a different email address, not always but sometimes due to security reasons you will have to be verified and this involves a mobile phone number. As I already said to each article, this method should also work for other domains such as MSN and Live.

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