How to allow and block email messages in Road Runner

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Road Runner email has been created with a simple and intuitive interface. One of the best thing is that it allows you to block an email or a domain name. Supposing that you want to block an email address, this can be achieved with only a few mouse clicks. It`s the same with a domain name. If you don`t want to receive emails coming from a specified domain name, again it`s so simple with road runner. Let`s see how we can use this feature. First of all, login to your email account and once you`re there click on the ``SETTINGS`` button. If you have no ideea which one is it, take a look at the following picture :

Road Runner Email Settings

You should be at the ``SETTINGS`` section and you should see more options here. Take a look at the ``Customize mailbox options`` and take a look at the last option, the one called ``Allow and Block Messages options`` and make sure to click on it. Here is a picture with this option.

Road Runner Allow and Block Messages options

The following picture will show you how this window will look. It means that no email or domain has been blocked. I want you to take a look without modifing something so that you can notice the differences between them.

Road Runner Allow and Block Messages window

This is how it`s going to look after I modified the ``Allow and Block Messages`` option. Once you`re here, you can actually read the bolded message: ``Specify the specific allow and blocked email addresses below, as well as what to do with the blocked messages.``

Then the first option is called ``Enable blocking``
Select the block senders policy to use:

I choosed the second option - ``Advanced Block senders``
Blocked Senders and Domains
Enter blocked email addresses and domains below. Place each email address or domain on a new line

As you can see in this picture I have entered an email address
mrspammer AT

The second option is called ``Allowed Senders and Domains``

Enter allowed email addresses and domains below. Place each email address or domain on a new line
As you can see in this picture I have entered several email addresses
mybestfriend AT
mydad AT
mysister AT
mymother AT

There is a third option called ``Blocked Mail Actions``

Automatically delete or file junk mail before it reaches your Inbox.

Here I choosed the second option called ``Forward blocked mail to the Head of the Household``
Place messages in: ( I selected from this drop-down menu ) JUNK MAIL

In order to save everything from here, click on the OK button and you should be redirected back to the ``SETTINGS`` window and you should see a small message with a blue exclamation mark that says the following: ``Allow and block settings updated.``. That`s it


Blocked and Allowed Senders in Road Runner


I guess, everyone understood what I typed on those two white boxes, the ones with ``Blocked Senders and Domains`` and ``Allowed Senders and Domains``. I have provided some examples, those are not real email addresses and you should modify them with your own emails or domains that you want them blocked. Perhaps you noticed that I typed www . spam . com and spam . com, in most cases most of you will type either www . spam . com or spam . com but I typed both of them just to make sure that this domain will be blocked. I advise you to do the same.

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