How to change road runner email account password

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If you`re interested in changing your Road Runner email account password ( RR ) here is the easiest way. Please keep in mind that this will apply to a secondary user account. It is a difference between RR primary ( master ) and secondary account ( sub user ). Supposing that you are logged in your email account, look at the fifth tab, the one called Settings and click on it.

Road Runner Email Settings

Now, when you clicked on the ``SETTINGS`` tab you should be redirected to another window from where you are allowed to perform several actions. In order to change your password, click on the ``Change Password`` link, located right under the ``MANAGE MAILBOX SETTINGS``. See the following picture.

Change password link from Road Runner account settings

When you clicked on the ``Change Password`` link you should be redirected to a window that will ask for your username and password and you will be required to enter a captcha code. So, once you are here, choose your language ( you can choose either english or spanish ), enter your road runner email address, your current password, enter the captcha code and hit the ``LOGIN`` button. Again, see the picture

Road Runner login page for changing password

If you typed your username and password correctly, you should see a new page called - User Management. Right under this name you should see a new link called ``Change Password`` and right under this link the following text: ``Welcome to the User Account Options. User Account Options enables you to administer your Road Runner Account. A Road Runner Account consists of a Master User and optional Sub Users. As a Sub User you can modify your password.`` Click on the ``Change Password`` link.

User Management and change password window in Road Runner

Now, the final step. In this window, you should see your User ID. It will be your email address. Right after, it will ask you to type your current password and right after that you will need to type your new password two times ( the second box is the confirmation ). Make sure that your password is between 8 and 12 characters in length, make sure that you will include only numbers and letters and also make sure that you enter a different password ( it cannot be the same password ). If you`re ready to change your road runner password click on the ``CHANGE PASSWORD`` button.

Change password window in Road Runner


Finally, if you will see this window, you have managed to change your password. You will this ``Success...`` and right after your First Name, Last Name, User ID and the confirmation message: ``You have successfully updated this user. Return to User Management.``


Successful pasword changing confirmation window in Road Runner


That`s it, the entire process is simple and easy to understand but I don`t understand why you must enter a password between 8 and 12 characters and only with numbers and letters but this is not the purpose of this article. If someone else knows another method for changing the road runner (RR) email account password please let me know.

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