How to edit signature in Road Runner email

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Since we`re talking about a paid email, not a free one, at Road Runner email you are allowed to change/edit your signature for all emails that you send from your address. I said that because at most of the free email providers, you are not allowed to change your email signature. That being said, let`s see how we can modify the signature for a road runner email. The first thing to do is to login to your email address and right after go to email ``SETTINGS``. If you have no ideea, take a look at the following picture and you will notice the ``SETTINGS`` button.

Road Runner Email Settings

You should be at the ``SETTINGS`` section of this email, the place from where you are allowed to configure your own road runner email address. In order to edit your signature, click on the ``Signature preferences`` ( it`s located on the right side, the second option ).

Signature preferences in Road Runner

As you can see in the following picture, you should be at the place from you can finally add a signature to your road runner email. You can read the bolded subtitle ``Create or edit your signature`` and right after you can read the instructions ``Please type your signature to appear in outgoing messages below. Signature may not exceed 1000 characters.`` Now type everything you want in that box, make sure that option `` By default, automatically insert my signature at the end of outgoing messages.`` is being checked and click on ``OK`` in order to enable your signature.

Create or edit signature in Road Runner

That was very easy. You should be careful when you create a signature with a link to a website. Since there are thousands of email providers on the Internet, when you will send your message with a link included in your signature, some spam filters may reject or redirect your messages in JUNK/SPAM folders. However this is not the purpose of this article so at least you`ve learned how to create/edit a signature for road runner email.

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