How to forward emails from Road Runner at another email address

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If you need to forward your future emails from your current road runner ( rr ) email account to other email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN and many others ( I named only the biggest email providers ) but you don`t know how, you will be surprised to see how easy is to activate the forward feature with road runner. The first thing to do is to login with your username and password in your road runner email account. Once you`re logged in take a look for the ``SETTINGS`` button and click on it, here is a picture with that button.

Road Runner Email Settings Button

Once you`re in the ``SETTINGS`` section, right under the ``Customize mailbox options``, take a look for ``Forward options`` which is exactly the third option. Click on ``Forward option`` in order to access this feature.

Forward options in Road Runner

You should be at ``Forwarding`` section. There is a title called ``Setup mail forwarding below``. Right after that it is a small title called ``Forwarding Address`` followed by another text that says the following: ``To forward your messages to other email addresses, enter them here (separated by commas):``
In that small white box, enter the email address that you want to use for this forwarding. Make sure to read the ``Forwarding Rules`` on the right side which allows you to choose an action for your forwarding:

A. Disable forwarding - this allows you to cancel your forwarding
B. Forward and keep a copy - this will keep a copy of any received message and it will also send another one to the forwarded email
C. Forward, then discard - this will send the message and it will delete it automatically
Probably most of you will choose the second option ( B: )
When you`re ready to activate your forwarding click on the ``OK`` button and you`re all set.

Setup forwarding address in Road Runner

That`s it, however the best thing to do is to test if your forwarding works. Make sure to email from another email to your road runner address and see if the message will be correctly forwarded. If you don`t have another address you can create a free email address and test everything. If you know a better method for road runner forwarding, please let me know.

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