How to install CCleaner

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I am going to show you how to install CCleaner on Windows . This is my second version of this article. If you`re a beginner and never used before this software you will find this article useful. Before we start, you will need to download CCleaner ( in case that you already obtained your copy you may skip this part ). Remember the download location and open the setup file. Allow this software to make changes to your computer and the setup will ask you to choose a language for the installation process. The default language is ``English``. You should be able to view a similar picture with this one ( I used Windows 7 when I installed this program ).

Installer language is English

The third window will show you the following message ``Welcome to the CCleaner version Setup Wizard`` ( I replaced v.3.16 with version since new versions appears all the time ) which tells us what version we are going to install on our computer. If you think that this is a bad version, you can ``Cancel`` the installation process now or choose to continue. Click ``Next`` to continue.

Welcome to CCleaner Setup WizardThe following window is the normal window displayed at almost all programs called ``License Agreement`` and will inform you the following: ``Please review the license terms before installing CCleaner version X`` so make sure to read the entire agreement and press ``I Agree`` button to continue with the installation.

CCleaner License AgreementIf you would like to choose a folder to install CCleaner, by default it will be installed in the ``C: Program Files CCleaner`` ( if it doesn`t exist, this folder will be created ) so if you want to choose another location you can do it by using the ``Advanced`` button and choose another location. As you can see there are some additional options to choose from when you`re installing this application. In this picture I will show you what are my options but you can choose to customize this as you wish. For example I don`t need to add a start menu shortcut. If you are not sure about this, make sure to check the same options like I did in this picture. Click on the ``Install`` button and wait a couple of seconds up to a couple of minutes ( depending on your computer performance ).
CCleaner Install OptionsThe program will probably suggest you to install an toolbar depending on what browser you`re using. It offered me to install Google Toolbar for  Internet Explorer but I hate toolbars so I don`t want it installed on my computer. If you`re ready click on ``Install``
Free Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
Finally, the installation process has ended if you will see the same or similar window with the one from this picture :
Completing the CCleaner Setup Wizard

We have just finished the installation process and it`s now time to open CCleaner for the first time. The program will open automatically and it will allow you to scan for cookies to keep. You can choose ``Yes``.
Intelligently scan for cookies to keep
Locate the CCleaner icon on your desktop and open it. You should see a similar picture with this one.
CCleaner main program interface
Now make sure to click on the ``Cleaner`` button, by default the program should be on this area and click on the ``Analyze`` button. It should take a couple of seconds and the small blank window should change and show you some sort of log file. That means that this program has found a couple of files that can be deleted, to do so click on the ``Run Cleaner`` button.
Performing an Analysis with CCleaner
If you will choose to use the ``Run Cleaner`` button you should see a small window with a small warning message : ``This process will permanently delete files from your system. Are you sure you wish to proceed ?``
Warning window - This process will permantenly delete files from your system
Choose ``OK`` and you should see another message appearing in that small window located inside of CCleaner. ``Cleaning Complete`` will inform you that the cleaning process has ended.
Cleaning complete message from CCleaner interface
This application has a lot of options and other are being added, you won`t probably ever need all of them but it`s good to have them. I`ve wrote a CCleaner Review that will help you to get more familiar with CCleaner. If you would like to take a quick look at different features coming with this software, this article should help. After getting more familiar with this application you will realize how valuable is. Make sure to use the latest version and update this software as it`s going to be extremely useful.

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