How to install ICQ without his toolbar

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This article will show you how to install ICQ on a PC running Windows. It will also show you how to avoid installing the ICQ toolbar or making additional changes to your browser that could make ICQ Search your default search engine or your default homepage. Before starting with the installation you should know that ICQ was first developed in 1996 by the Israeli company Mirabilis which was acquired by America Online ( AOL ) in 1998. Right now, ICQ has over 50 million of registered accounts. Let`s get started, first you will need to obtain a copy of this program. The setup file should look like in this picture :

Install ICQ setup file on a Windows desktop

Open this setup file and ICQ installation should start and you will see a window that says ``Welcome to ICQ 7.7!`` and it will ask you to select your language ( the default language is English (US) ). It also shows you the default path to where it will be installed ( the default location is in ``C:Program FilesICQ7.7`` - depending on what version you will use, 7.7 is the latest version at the time that I was writing this article, you can see another version ) and you can change this location, to do so click on the ``Browse`` link. You will also need to accept the license agreement, and you may want to check the second box called ``Install Adobe Flash Player if it`s not already installed, to let me fully experience all ICQ features``. To continue press the ``I Agree`` button.

Welcome to ICQ setup window
Here we are, at the second step of our installation, this is very important and you have to be careful. This window is called ``ICQ Installation Options`` and offers two types of installation. The default one that you will see it`s called ``Full Installation`` and as you can see it`s recommended and says that it will install ICQ, ICQ Toolbar, ICQ Search, it will set your homepage to ICQ, ICQ Guard which will protect your ICQ search settings.. The second one which is optional it`s called ``Customize Installation``. A lot of software publishers offers a toolbar when you`re installing their software but ICQ developers were kind enough to allow us to avoid the installation of such a toolbar. I would recommend you to choose the second option called ``Customize Installation`` and from there, make sure to uncheck all the following boxes/boxes called :
- Place ICQ icon in quick launch
- Make ICQ Search my default search engine
- Make ICQ Search my homepage
- Install ICQ Toolbar
- Install ICQ Guard to protect your search settings
If you want to keep one or all of these features you can choose the first step or you can check all of them. I don`t want these features to be installed on my PC since I don`t need them and I will choose to continue without them. Click on ``Install`` button.
ICQ Installation Options

You will now see the third window of our installation, a big green message that says ``Installing...`` and depending on your computer performance it will take a couple of seconds or minutes to install the application.

Installing ICQ

ICQ has been successfully installed on your computer if you see this window that says ``Done! ICQ 7.7 was successfully installed``. I didn`t want to place ICQ icon in quick launch since I really don`t want it on my quick launch. That`s it, click on the ``Finish`` button.

Confirmation that ICQ was successfully installed

Now you should see the ICQ interface for the first time. As you can see the interface it`s pretty simple and intuitive and has one thing in common with Yahoo Messenger and other popular chat clients. It asks you for a username and a password and also allows you to save your password. Keep in mind that if you use ICQ for the first time this program will allow you to log in on this program using an UIN ( Universal Internet Number or Unified Identification Number ) and your password. Starting with version 6.x you are allowed to use your e-mail address and your password.

ICQ main interface

If you want to obtain an ICQ account, this will be really simple, all you have to do is to open ICQ interface and from there click on the ``New? Create an account`` link right under ``Sign In:`` and a new window will open for you. Make sure to complete all the required fields and you will be able to create a new ICQ account for the first time. You will also receive an e-mail from them that will tell you that your account is active but make sure to save your account information in case that you will forgot your password and you need to recover it. If you want to know how to install ICQ, this is probably the best way to do it. I don`t like to install a lot of stuffs like the ones from the ``Custom Installation`` window since there are a lot of other programs that asks the same thing. If you choose to install all of them then your browser would have hundreds of toolbars installed and finally it would probably crash. As you can see, this is one of the shortest articles written by me but the installation steps are really simple. I didn`t covered the process of creating a new ICQ account or how to use ICQ but I assume that everyone should be able to figure out these things.

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