How to save and convert online video or audio for free

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I`ve spent a couple of hours, trying to find something that would allow me to download a video from YouTube. I forgot to mention that I wanted a free software with no ads, no spyware or any other form of  malware. I`ve tried Orbit Downloader and it worked but it saved the files from YouTube in flv ( flash format ) and that`s it.

I`ve recently wrote an article regarding the best youtube cover songs list and since I am still here, around this subject I would like to show you how I managed to save and convert any video file from websites such as YouTube.

Yes, I have found a free ( open source ) software called TubeMaster++ made by GgSofts which does exactly one thing: it allows you to watch or listen all kind of files in popular formats such as FLV, MP3 or MP4 and while you are listening them, it allows you to save them on your computer. After it saves them it also allows you to convert them in other popular video or audio formats such as: AVI, MPEG, MP3,MP4 iPod, PSP and many others.

I am going to show you how to grab a file from similar websites like YouTube and then save it on your computer using TubeMaster++

Make sure to download TubeMaster++ and install it. After the installation ends, open the software interface :

TubeMaster software interface

In order to perform a search, go to the second tab called ``Video Search`` and enter the desired name/title in that search box. As you can see I`ve searched for “Alexa Goddard” and those were the results of my search :

Performing a video search using TubeMaster

Let`s start with the download, conversion and everything. If you clicked on the ``Play Video`` button, the video will start and that`s exactly what we want. Here`s the artist singing

Nobody`s Perfect ( Jessie J Cover ) - By Alexa Goddard

While the video is playing if you will click on the first tab, the one called ``Media Capture`` you will notice that TubeMaster++ is capturing packets from your network card ( it performs a ``recording`` of the current video ) and it also allows you to rename this video, you just  have to click on ``Click here to rename``

Media Capturre in action - TubeMaster interface
After the video recording finished, you have three options ``Save File``, ``Convert File`` and ``Play File``. I renamed the file and I created a new folder and saved this file.

Example of a folder containing a flash file

Convert file button in TubeMaster

Back to the software interface, since I saved the file that I wanted, I am going to convert it. Click on ``Convert File`` button and you should see a couple of options so  I am going to choose ``Audio MP3``

Audio Mp3 being selected in TubeMaster

Wait a couple of seconds or more, depending on how large is that file, it`s going to work faster or slower but it should really work fast in most cases. 

Converting a flash file using TubeMaster

Here is the result, the flv ( flash file ) and the new mp3 file, both of them saved in the same folder. All the pictures were taken on a Windows XP SP3 just in case you`re wondering why it looks so old

Results of a conversion from a flash file to an audio mp3

 As you may notice, I saved the file in the mp3 format but this software supports a lot of other popular formats, you can see all of them by going to ``More Presets`` ( it`s the last option ). So, this software will allow you to perform a search through a video search engine such as VideoSurf. That website is nothing but another video search engine which actually indexed other large websites such as YouTube from where it retrieves the results. If you found the result, it allows you to play that video and while you`re listening, it automatically saves it although you have to save it somewhere on your computer in order to save it permanently. The last part is the conversion process which is easy, fast and offers the same quality of the video. One more thing, it`s a wonderful software because it actually doesn`t go on a website and make a request to download the file. What it does is to intercept the traffic from your network card so everything happens on your computer. So you`re actually doing the same thing as the rest of visitors. What can I say, awesome software so if you like it, consider a small donation to the author.

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