How to setup a Road Runner vacation message aka autoreply

This article was modified on 2011-06-02 16:47:09

If you`re interested in activating or de-activating your road runner vacation message ( it`s the same thing with auto-reply or away message ) feature all you have to do is to access your email and click on a couple of buttons and in less than a minute your vacation message will be activated. The first thing to do is to login to your email address so go ahead. Once you`re in, click on the fifth button ( tab ), the one called `SETTINGS`. Take a look at the following picture.

Settings button in Road Runner Email

Once you clicked on Settings you should see all the options for Road Runner Email. Under the `Customize mailbox options` you should see `Message sending options` and right after the `Vacation auto-reply preferences`. This is what you`re looking for so go ahead and click on `Vacation auto-reply preferences`.

Vacation autoreply preferences in Road Runner

Finally, you`re at the `Vacation Message` section which allows you to activate your vacation message. As you can see there is a small title called `Create your vacation message` and right after that a small text that says `Enter the message you wish to send to users while you`re away. Message may not exceed 1000 characters.` On the right side, there are two options:

A. Send our your vacation message to each sender
B. Do not activate vacation message

In order to activate your vacation message, type the text you want in that small white box, choose the first option, the one with `Send our your vacation message to each sender` and click on `OK` button.

Create your vacation message window in Road Runner

That`s it, you have managed to create a vacation message for your road runner ( rr ) email address. Needless to say that it`s not a smart thing to activate a vacation/auto-reply message if you`re traveling. Use this feature with caution, don`t give precious information about yourself. A thief will be happy to know that you are not home and he will thank you for telling him this in a vacation message. Once again, make sure to use wisely this feature.

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