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Installing Yahoo Messenger for the first time can be a little confusing. It`s not about the software itself. I am using it since 2003 and I always loved this program. It has been improved and now it`s probably one of the most popular chat-application. All of my friends use Yahoo Messenger but almost all of them install this software without removing the toolbar. In the end, they don`t know how that toolbar got installed on their browser. So, if you don`t want Yahoo to become your default home page, your default search engine or to include an Yahoo toolbar in your browser, this article is for you. The purpose is to show you how to install Yahoo Messenger without the toolbar on a computer running Microsoft Windows. It`s all about customizing the installation process, if you`re a novice, this will definitely help you. Also, if you want to start with a new, clean installation, make sure to uninstall this software ( if it`s already installed ) and also any other additional things such as toolbars.  If you install this app for the first time, it`s even better, read the entire article. First, you need to download Yahoo Messenger. After downloading the chat app, it`s time to open the program so that we can install it, make sure to select ``Run``.
Do you want to run this file - opening Yahoo Messenger setup file
You will see a new window -``Typical Install`` and ``Custom Install``. Look at the ``Typical Install`` and make sure to uncheck ``Make my browser home page`` and ``Make Yahoo! my browser`s default search engine``.  This is what I consider a clean installation of the program, without any additional features.

Typical Install window for Yahoo Messenger
In the same window, select ``Custom Install`` ( look up - under the text with Welcome to Yahoo! Messenger ) and you should uncheck ``Yahoo! Toolbar with Messenger features`` and optional ``Create a Quick Launch shortcut``. Also if you would like to select another folder to install, other than ``C: Program Files Yahoo!`` please click on the ``Browse`` button and specify a different location otherwise leave it as it is. If you selected everything like I did in this picture, click on ``Next`` button to continue with the installation.
 Customize Yahoo Messenger window
Make sure to read the terms of agreement and if you agree select ``Yes, I accept the license Agreement terms and Privacy Policy above, along with the Yahoo! Terms of Service at:`` and click on the ``Next`` button.

Yahoo Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 
If you need to change something, you can go back by selecting ``Back`` button. If you wish to proceed with the installation, select ``Install`` button and the installation will start.

Ready to Install
Now that the installation has started, please wait as the first step is to download this application from Yahoo servers. If you obtained the entire setup file you can skip this step. You should see a similar message:

Please wait while Yahoo Messenger is being installed - The pic was too large so it was removed
In the same window you are going to see the installation process after the download ends. You should see a similar message:

Installing Yahoo Messenger - Again, the pic was large so it was removed in order to speed up the page loading.
If the installation was successful, you should see a similar picture with this one. I will ask you to ``Launch Yahoo Messenger``. If you want to launch it later, you can uncheck the small box and choose the ``Finish`` button. Regardless your choice you should finally see the software interface – it requires you to enter your username and password. Remember that your username and password for Yahoo Messenger is your Yahoo email and it`s the same password from your email account.

Installation is complete - confirmation window
As I said, in order to log in to Yahoo Messenger, enter your username and password and select the ``Sign In`` button. In a couple of seconds you should be able to use this Yahoo free chat service. As you may noticed, after the installation you can see that there is no Yahoo toolbar installed or any additional features from Yahoo on your browser. If you followed the steps but you still have the toolbar installed, most likely you didn`t uninstalled the toolbar. If you did that, you may want to scan your computer for malware. Please note that the installation time depends on your computer and Internet speed.

Yahoo Messenger interface

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