On which websites should I sell my car and how do I find them

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If you want to sell your car but you don`t know on which website you should post an ad, I am going to show you how to find one or more websites that allows you to sell your car. Obviously you should be interested in websites that receives a lot of traffic.

In order to discover those websites, I am going to use Alexa website  which is well known among webmasters, it`s a website that ranks almost all websites on the Internet. It`s not going to offer a 100 % accuracy but their data are pretty good so if they say that a website is on the 5th place worldwide or in a specific country, it probably is.

That being said, let me show you how you can use Alexa in ``Top Sites`` section, take a look at the following picture :

( I went to Alexa homepage and I chose the "Top Sites" section )

Alexa homepage - section Top Sites


Now, you`re not interested in seeing all websites on all countries, worldwide so you will want to look only for those in your own country. In order to do this, you need to choose ``By country``, here`s how it should look :


Alexa website - section Top Sites - By Country


Since I am from United States, I will need to locate my country, so you can`t see United States in that picture, you need to scroll down. I have clicked on it and a new page will appear.

Alexa section - Countries - United States


As you can see, there are 500 websites that are being displayed, all of them arranged by traffic they receives ( visitors ). From now on all you have to do is to take the first page and see which websites allows you to sell your car ( post an ad with your car ). Let`s analyze this :

1. Google - Well Google doesn`t sell cars ( at least not now when I am writing this article ) it`s a search engine so you should move on.
2. Facebook - Facebook doesn`t sell cars
3. YouTube - Again, this website doesn`t sell cars

Let`s move on...

7. eBay - This website is the most well known selling website, selling all kind of things, including cars. So this is one website

Let`s see other websites

10. Craigslist - Yes this is another popular website that allows you to sell your car and to post an ad in your area.

As you can see I have found 2 websites on the first 25 results which is good. If I wanted to see more I would continue to look on page 2,3,4,5 and so on...depending on how many websites I would want to advertise my car.

Sure, this was only one example, however I have another tip which is easier to apply and requires less time.

If you didn`t know, most search engines ( at least Google ) will show results from websites ranked well in your own country. In my example, I will show you how you can use Google to find a lot of websites that allows you to post an ad on them. Just type a common phrase such as ``sell car`` or ``post ad sell car``.

sell car phrase - example provided from Google homepage search

In results provided by the search engine, it shows websites such as:


And more of them...

Let`s say that you`ve never heard of autotrader.com or cars.com, all you need to do is to enter their address in Alexa in order to check their rank, just to make an ideea of how well is being ranked and visited in your country.

Alexa main page - searching phrase www.autotrader.com

Alexa results for www.autotrader.com

You will probably ask, how do I know how good is that website ? As a general rule, if a website is being listed in first 100 websites in one country ( not worldwide ), it probably receives a lot of visits so yes, it`s worth the effort to list your car there. 100-500 positions could be again a good rank depending on how many people are living in your country. For example a website ranked on 300 in USA is a very good one and I would list my car there, even on a website listed in first 3000 in USA. If I would live in, let`s say Norway with a small population probably I would want to post an ad on websites found in the first 500 results. An exception would be a website that is advertising something only on one region, let`s say X and you live in that region X. However, these are isolated cases.

This was an example for someone living in United States, however on smaller countries you will probably going to find more websites. Not to mention that the chances of finding 3-10 selling websites from first 500 results are pretty high since there are a lot of them in each country worldwide. Not all of them are so popular but if you`re interested in posting an ad on a lot of websites is usually a good ideea as it will increase your chances so that you can sell your car faster.

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