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If you don't like the standard search of your operating system, there are several free programs that works like a charm. One of them is DocFetcher so keep reading to see what's so great about it. It's not a complete DocFetcher review but rather a short introduction.
Features included: There are no privacy issues as the software is clean and does not collect private data. For example, it won't track or install any other intrusive software, cookies. An Open-source application that works on multiple platforms, including 32 or 64bit editions of: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Besides of the usual installer, it is also available as a portable version. Unicode support for major formats, archive support for .zip, .rar, .7z or tar. It can search in source code files, Outlook PST extension and has detection of HTML pairs. There are many other features available and a list of supported document formats at DocFetcher homepage.
Known limits: You need to install Java before being able to run this application. At the time that I wrote this, DocFetcher has several limits such as: indexing of only certain archives, lack of Unicode support for CHM files etc. The good news is that other features will be available in the future.
As some people use to say: a picture worth more than one thousand words. By looking at the following screenshots you can make an idea about what to expect and how it looks. First download DocFetcher from his homepage and install the program. The setup file looks like this:
DocFetcher Setup: Installation Folder
The entire installation procedure took me less than a couple of seconds. Once it's properly installed, you have a confirmation message.

Run DocFetcher
On a standard installation the  "Run DocFetcher" is checked by default so you should see the program interface running for the first time. Free of ads, clean and intuitive. It looks like this:
DocFetcher interface
If you don't read the help file, you won’t know why the program doesn’t run. Here's what you need to do before any attempt to use this software.
Important: DocFetcher needs to index files on your computer. Do not worry. You will perform this only once, the program will not need a new index for future use. Depending on what choices you make (default configuration is fine for most of us), it will take a couple of minutes to create an index. To create an index, go to "Search Scope" area and from there, with your mouse perform a "RIGHT-CLICK" and choose "Create Index From". Right-after select one or multiple folders.

Create Index From Folder
It's not the best example but as you can see, I have selected my own Desktop. However, you can choose whatever partition, single or multiple folders you want.
Important: Do not index C: partition (default partition) in Microsoft Windows. Not recommended because of potential security issues (The developer explained this in program help section).

Select folder: Desktop
As I already said, I have added my own "Desktop" for indexing. If I would want to add a second or third folder from another partition all I need to do is to click on "+" (plus sign). I have highlighted this in the following image and wrote on it "You can add more folders". To create an index, there is only one step left - hit "Run" button.

Indexing Queue
Depending on how many folders you've added and computer speed, it may take from a couple of seconds to minutes or more if there's much information. Just remember, you have to do this only once. When the index is complete, the program will stop and you will see a similar window.

Indexing of files complete
Finally, right-after the index creation you can use DocFetcher to search all files on your computer. I have highlighted the steps (1 is optional) so you can make a better idea about it.

Steps to search files with DocFetcher
Instead of a conclusion: I was just about to recommend anyone to donate but the developer doesn't have such a section. Right now the author did not opted for any financial services. Since that person spent a lot of time to make our life's easier, please spread the word about DocFetcher. At least that's what we can do (in exchange) for a wonderful piece of software.

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