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We all use YouTube and I am using it for listening to music, watching movie trailers before going to cinema, for funny videos and many others. Recently I tried to search for only one artist and view the results so that I can browse through his song collection and listen all of them.

For example, I was searching for ``Alexa Goddard`` and I was listening one song. On the right column there were similar results with different artists which is great as other people will have a chance to be seen by others and become popular if they deserve it.

I am not talking about YouTube features but I would like to show you how to search for only one artist and see the results that includes only certain artist. It`s one of the easiest tips in the world but it`s good to know.

Try to remember that I know and used this tip ( thousands of time before ) from Google ( it works there to ) and it can be applied on YouTube for a specific artist, song, word, phrase and anything else that may cross on your mind.

Great, now please open YouTube website and enter the name of your favorite artist in quotes without spaces, here`s my example with one of my favorite artists ``Alexa Goddard``.

YouTube search results for Alexa Goddard

If you used the magic enclosed quotes ```` and perform a simple search you should see the results with only that artist, actually everything that contains the words ``Alexa Goddard``. Scroll down the page and take a look, there are several pages with my favorite artist.

YouTube Alexa Goddard browse more results

 As I said on the right side at the ``Featured Videos`` you should see results restricted to your search only. I am not going to make other screenshots but here are several variations that you can use :

1. Perform a search for a song and see all artists singing it.

``turn my swag on``

2. Perform a search for a song but see only the results that includes a cover.

``turn my swag on`` cover

3. Search for a movie trailer that includes only the HD ( High Definition ) version

trailer ``return of the hobbit`` hd

4. Search for lyrics of a song played by a band

lyrics ``last christmas`` wham

5. If you forgot the name of one artist or you`re just looking for the original version featuring

david guetta ``without you`` feat.

Those are only a couple of them and if you would like to see the most visited of them all you have to do is to use the YouTube feature. After you`re using a search, on the right side you should see a small option called ``Sort by`` and from there you have three options: ``Upload Date``,``View Count``,``Relevance`` and ``Rating``. They are pretty intuitive so use the one that you like.

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