Send or receive emails from other accounts using Hotmail Windows Live

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Hotmail has been improved and I really like the new email. It`s loading fast, it`s intuitive and it has a lot of options. I am not going to talk about other features regarding this popular email. I will talk about one feature that allows us to send or receive emails in Hotmail from other accounts such as a Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or others. The entire procedure is easy and fast ( depending on the number of emails ), it will require only a couple of steps and a minimal attention. First of all, make sure that you`re already logged in. Once you`re there, go to ``Options`` and select ``More Options``, if you don`t know how, take a look at the following picture:

More Options in Hotmail account

You will be redirected to ``Hotmail Options`` and from there take a look at ``Managing your account`` section and right under you should see an option called ``Sending/receiving emails from other accounts``.

Sending receiving email from other accounts in Hotmail Options

If you accessed ``Sending/receiving emails from other accounts`` section now you will be able to add one or more email accounts. In order to do that, make sure that you click on the ``Add an email account`` link.

Add an email account in Hotmail

Here you will have to enter the email address that you would like to ``redirect`` to your current Hotmail Windows Live email account. You can read the following text: ``You can use Hotmail to send and receive email from other accounts. To get started, enter an email address below.`` As you can see in the following example, I have entered my Gmail email address. In this example I will use a Gmail email address although you won’t see pictures with Gmail since they are not required in this article.

Add an email address and password in Hotmail

In most of the cases, for example when you would like to add a Gmail or Yahoo email account you don`t have to do anything else. All you have to do is to enter your email username and password. If you would like to use a different email provider and Hotmail can`t connect, you will have to click on ``Advanced Options`` and enter the required information manually. This is how the ``Advanced options`` looks.

Adding POP3 user name password email and incoming mail server in Hotmail

As I said, in this example, I am using Gmail so I don`t have to enter additional information ( Probably Windows Live has all details for all major email providers ). After you will enter the required information, you will probably going to see this message ``Setting up your account...This may take a few minutes``:

Setting up your account message

When I tried to do this for the first time I`ve encountered an error that said the following: ``We can`t connect to Hotmail right now. Please make sure that you`re connected to the Internet and try again``. When this error message occurred, I tried one more time and it worked.

We can`t connect to Hotmail right now

We`re almost there, now you should see the ``Add an email account`` section and right under there are only a couple of options that needs to be properly configured. As you can see, I am being asked: ``When mail is sent to ``example @``, where do you want it to go ? and I have to choose between a separate folder called gmail - ( I can even rename this folder ) and Inbox. There is also another option: ``How would you like unread messages for  ``example @`` to appear. You`re welcome to custom them as you wish and when you`re ready click on ``SAVE`` button.

Managing email account options in Hotmail

If everything went well you should be redirected and see this message: ``Great! We`ll start getting your messages now.`` and it also says that it might take the whole day to get all messages, depending on how many of them needs to be moved.

Great!We`ll start getting your messages now

Since I`ve created two email accounts so that I can show you how to do this, I had only 4 emails in my Gmail account so the entire process was ready in a couple of seconds. You can actually see the new folder that was automatically created.

Example of a folder created in Hotmail after a configuration between Hotmail and Gmail

Here they are, all emails from my Gmail email account were transferred to Hotmail, you can actually see the content of this new folder. There were only 4 emails to be transferred/moved from Gmail to Hotmail so everything went fast.

The content of a Gmail folder inside Hotmail Windows Live account

Wait, there is one more thing to be done. As you can see, this is how you move your emails from Gmail to Hotmail via Hotmail Windows Live interface but if you would like to be able to send emails and make them appear that they are coming from your Gmail account  using Hotmail Windows Live there is one more thing to be done. You have to verify that you own this Gmail email address in order to send messages from it through Hotmail. While I was performing all of these steps, I received the following message in my Gmail address :

Verify that you own this email address

You have set up your Hotmail account to send messages from this email address.
By adding this address, you`ll be able to write messages and send them from this Hotmail account:

example @

1. To verify that you own this account and want to send messages from it, click the link below: ( This link has been shortened )

2. The link will take you to the sign-in page for Hotmail. Just sign in to the account that you want to send mail from. Once you`ve done that, your mail from that account will start being sent from this address.

If the link appears to be broken, please try one of the following:
Copying and pasting ( Again, this link has been shortened into your browser
Signing back in to your Hotmail account and going to Options. Choose ``Sending/receiving email from other accounts`` to resend another verification email.

Please don`t reply to this message. If you did not request this address to be added to your Hotmail account, then simply delete this message.

I’ve made a picture with the same message as you probably don`t want to read the entire message that I`ve received :

Verify that you own this email address - a message coming from Hotmail in my Gmail email account

As I said before, if you would like to be able to send emails from your Hotmail account and make them appear like they would be sent from Gmail ( in this example ), Yahoo or other emails that you`ve added, all you have to do is to click the link that you will receive for verification. If everything went well you should be able to read the following message: ``You have successfully verified example @!`` - ``The next time you write messages, you will be able to select example @ as a From address.``

You have successfully verified - message that confirms the successful verification of my Gmail email address in Hotmail

I`ve intentionally replaced my email address with example @ so that I can avoid spam. I didn`t said this but it would probably be a good idea to delete any spam messages from your Inbox before performing these steps. If you have thousands of messages it could take a lot and if you have even more of them and also large messages you may probably want to sort them before doing this. Otherwise you may experience all kind of errors or large waiting time. In my example everything went really fast but I`ve created two emails from scratch and there were only a couple of emails. So, if you would like to avoid frustration and save some time please try to delete useless emails before repeating the entire process.

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