Show more emails per page in Road Runner

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If you wondered if it`s possible to show more than 10,20,50 emails per page or even 200 with Road Runner, well you are at the right place. The purpose of this mini-article is to show you how to configure your Road Runner email ( RR ) so that you can actually view more emails per page. You can`t enter your own value ( never seen an email provider that allows this ) but you can select from a couple of numbers. Let`s see how this is possible with this email. Go and log in to your email and go at the ``SETTINGS`` section. If you don`t know how to do this take a look at the following picture :

Road Runner email Settings

Once you`ve opened the ``SETTINGS`` section, go ahead and locate the ``Update message display`` section. You need to click on ``Update message display``.

Update message display in Road Runner

Once you`re here, you are ready to modify the number of emails displayed. As you can see, you can read the title ``Messages per Page to display `` and right after that ``Set the number of messages to display per page: ``. In order to change the default value, use your mouse and select a different value, you can choose from 10,25,50,100 or 200. Choose a desired value and click on ``OK``.

Messages per page to display in Road Runner

Once you`ve clicked on ``OK`` you should be sent back to the previous window, the one with general settings and you should see a small exclamation mark that says: ``Message settings updated. `` That`s it but I would like to mention two different things. For example, I always choose 200 emails per page. If you will do the same, keep in mind that the loading time of your page will increase. You will not notice a difference if you have a fast internet connection but you will definetely want to keep this setting at a lower value such as 10 or 15 if you are using a slow internet connection such as dialup.

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