Show or view file extensions in Windows 7

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If you`re using Windows 7, you`ve probably noticed that all file extensions are being hidden. As you already know, by default they are hidden. Probably the reason for this was to make Windows 7 look simple and easy. Instead of using file extensions they were ( Microsoft ) probably thinking that icons signification it`s enough for the regular user. Unfortunately if you choose to leave this option as it is you`re probably going to risk a lot. A lot of malware ( viruses, trojans, worms etc. ) already use this trick. If you will receive a file through email or anything else with a ``.jpg`` extension you`re probably going to think that this is a picture. In a bad scenario it could be a computer virus called name.jpg.exe and some users ( beginners/novice ) may be easily foolish. However, if you know the difference between a .txt .jpg and .exe you should be safe if you will choose to enable view file extensions in Windows 7. Let`s see how to enable view file extensions feature in Windows 7.

Go to your Windows ``Start`` button, click on it and in the first box called ``Search programs and files`` type ``Folder Options`` and click on that link. I`ve made 2 pictures so that I can be sure that you will find it.

Search programs and files in Windows 7

Folder Options search results

If you did that, a new window called ``Folder Options`` should open. It should look like in the following picture:

Folder Options window in Windows 7

As you may noticed, there are three tabs - General, View and Search. All you have to do is this:

1. Click on View tab
2. Using your mouse, make sure that you ``UNCHECK`` the box called ``Hide extensions for known file types``
3. Click on ``Apply`` button and then on ``OK``.

Hide extensions for known file types in Windows 7

For any other reason, if you would like to hide file extensions all you have to do is to repeat those steps and check the box called ``Hide extensions for known file types``. That`s it, that`s how you can view file extensions in Windows 7. Actually, it`s the same window called ``Folder Options`` with the same characteristics from Windows XP. The only difference is the path to this window, which is a little different in Windows 7. I would like to add that yes, I`ve seen all kind of viruses in my email address with 2 extensions such as ``.txt.exe`` but never fall for this.

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