The difference between laptops notebooks and netbooks

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I bet you heard those words a lot: laptops, notebooks and netbooks. If you were asking me a long time ago I would come up with this answer.
The difference is this: in USA it’s laptop and in UK - notebook or the other way around, I don`t remember the order.
You`re probably laughing, but nobody’s perfect. So let me share with you my experience about those terms. In the last 7 years I bought all of them including a netbook.

A laptop comes with these features:

1. Widescreens between 14`- 17` (rarely I saw laptops with 19`)
2. NVidia or ATI graphics
3. DVD-ROM/DVD-RW drive available + floppy drive
4. Large featured keyboard (not so big as a PC keyboard but large enough)
5. 2-3 hours battery life
6. You can upgrade parts later.
7. Comes with Bluetooth, network, integrated dial-up modems and even Wi-Fi features
8. Most of them comes with high quality audio and speaker
9. Most of them can replace a desktop PC.
10. The lowest price for a new laptop (starting with $ 400)

A notebook comes with these features:

1. Widescreens between 12`- 14`
2. Small graphics subsystem
3. No DVD or CD for some of them
4. Small keyboard
5. 4-5 hours battery life
6. Low profile (better said thin)
7. Integrated modem and network
8. Low consumption
9. Ultralight, less weight when compared to a laptop
10. The lowest price for a new notebook (starting with $ 350)

A netbook comes with these features:

1. Widescreens between 7`- 11`
2. Slight graphics subsystem
3. Does not include DVD, CD or floppy.  You can attach an external DVD-ROM or external hard to an USB port.
4. Small keyboard
5. 5-9 hours battery life
6. Low profile
7. Low consumption
8. Ultralight, the average weight is around 1.3 Kg
9. Ultra-mobile solution
10. The lowest price for a new netbook (starting with $ 200)

The best choice? A laptop, notebook or netbook?
(I bought all of them over 7 years that’s why I wrote this article)

Advantage of a laptop: If you need a computer that could deliver the same power like your desktop PC from home, then you need a laptop. Don`t even think at buying a notebook or a netbook. A laptop will give you the same power like your desktop PC but with one major advantage, you can take it with you almost everywhere.

Disadvantage of a laptop: depending personal needs, powerful is not always better. All of them will consume your battery faster. Not to mention that it's heavier so you can’t earn maximum of portability (at least not now).
Advantage of a notebook: For a better portability and less weight. Best compromise between a laptop and netbook.
Disadvantage of a notebook: Depends on each person. The screen size was not satisfactory so I sold my unit after several months. I sacrificed the advantage of a good portability in exchange for my eyes. Remember the purpose of a notebook: to fill the gap between laptop and netbook. You have to be careful not to end like me. Take a good luck before you buy.
Advantage of a netbook: If all you need is to check your email, visit websites and everything related to the Internet, a netbook is everything you need. Mainly because of his high battery life and his weight.
Disadvantage of a notebook: The biggest disadvantage at a netbook is his screen size. I can’t resist 8-10 hours. I could watch that screen for 2-3 hours but no longer. Not to mention it needs a portable DVD-CD unit connected on a USB port which is also a big disadvantage.
Conclusion: Prices that I mentioned here are for decent units, probably you can get even lower or higher. Once again, a laptop is what you need to replace your desktop PC. The notebook is smaller, less weight, more mobile than a laptop and with many features but limited by his size and a greater price. For a netbook, just think about his name: `net+book`. `Net` is a commonly used shortcut for the `Internet` (Inter+net) and is the perfect solution if you need to access the Internet for a couple of hours. Spending an entire day in front of a netbook would probably hurt your eyes so use it only when you need to access the Internet. As you can see the difference between laptops, notebooks and netbooks exists but it depends from what angle you`re looking at them.

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