Three ways to Delete Browsing History in all major browsers

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Three years ago I wrote 2 different articles for people that wanted to see how to delete their browser traces such as cookies, history and other temporary files. I have written separate articles with pics and everything else for both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Sure, it was easy to do this but things recently changed. Therefore this is the second version of those previous articles ( Updated and improved ).  I will show you how to accomplish the same thing in 3 different ways. Let`s see how:

1. The traditional method - directly from your browser

Everyone knows how to do this, but let`s repeat this:

Internet Explorer: Go to Tools - Internet Options - General - Press the ``Delete`` button and select what data you would like to delete. Even easier - CTRL+SHIFT+DEL will take you to the same page. When you`re ready press one more time the new ``Delete`` button and that`s it. Here`s a picture with the last step.

Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
: Go to Tools - Clear Recent History... - Select the data that you want to clear - Pay attention at the time - Last Hour - Two Hours - Four Hours - Today - Everything and press ``Clear Now``. If you press CTRL+Shift+Del keyboard combination in this browser you will follow a shortcut to the same page. This is the picture from the last step:

Clear Recent History in Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
: Here is a little different but it`s somehow similar with Mozilla Firefox. Click on the ``Customize and Control Google Chrome``. Go to - Tools - Clear Browsing Data. Another shortcut is to Open Google Chrome and type the magic keyboard combination, it’s the same thing with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox:  CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and you`re in the same place, just choose what data to delete. This is a picture with the last window.

Clear Browsing Data in Google Chrome

2. Use a third party software utility such as CCleaner which allows you to customize what data to delete from your favorite browser. You can protect cookies individually or delete only desired things. Here is a representative picture of CCleaner just before deleting desired data.

Deleting browser data using CCleaner
3. Automate the deletion process
. This is the most interesting part. It`s quite boring to repeat the same steps hundreds of times. If you don`t want to do this manually and you also don`t trust third party applications here is a free, open-source automation tool that will help you to do this without any programming knowledge: AutoHotkey. Let me show you how this software can help you to automate all the tasks described in the first method.

Download and Install AutoHotkey

Let me show you an example from Internet Explorer ( you can obtain the same results with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome too or even any other browser that you use ).

Once it`s being installed go to or locate - AutoScriptWriter (recorder) and open it. Here`s how do delete cookies and everything else automatically using AutoHotkey .

Open AutoScriptWriter (recorder) and Check Window Text feature too ( I don’t know why but it works better )

Press ``A Record`` button - the program will record everything you do.

AutoScriptWriter Recorder

From now on you will see this recording confirmation window and it will allow you to stop the recording process anytime.

 Recording Started

Don`t rush, do everything slowly. Go to your Desktop. Locate and open Internet Explorer.

 Delete Browsing History

There are several ways to reach this section, using a shortcut such as CTRL+SHIFT+DEL or the long way described above in the first method. Regardless of your choice you should arrive in the same place.

Delete button

Wait to clear the selected data. When it`s done close Internet Explorer.  When everything is ready go back to ``AutoScriptWriter (recorder)`` and hit the ``Stop`` button.

Stop automatic recording

Obviously you need to ``Save`` the script...just give him a name and place it on your desktop.
 Save recorded data with AutoScriptWriter

Don`t worry about the .ahk extension just save it somewhere ( I chosen my Desktop )

Choose location and nameTest your script. Open Delete_Internet_Explorer.ahk and the automation script should repeat the same steps that you did manually. If it`s working, perform a right-click and convert it to an .exe file.

Compile an AutoHotkey script

Once it`s ready it should work on other operating systems - similar with yours. If you did this on Windows XP it should work on Windows XP only and not on Windows 7. In order to be able to run the same script on other operating systems make sure that you`re creating the script on the same OS that you plan to use.

Example of a compiled script using AutoHotkey

If you need more help, don`t forget to visit the AutoHotkey forum and ask there for help. Not to mention that you will find a lot of tools already made by others. The latest method is the most interesting as it allows you to automate the entire process and you don`t have to install a third party application.

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