Unable to find My Computer and My Network Places in Windows 7

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First thing that I remember when I`ve installed Windows 7 for the first time and one of the things that I didn`t liked was the missing desktop shortcuts from Windows XP of My Computer and My Network Places. I was unable to find them and I was disappointed as I was thinking that maybe they removed those shortcuts. I would like to mention that I am coming from Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and I`ve tried Windows Vista too but I didn`t liked it. This article is for those like me that wants to place a shortcut of My Computer and My Network Places on their Windows 7 desktop. Not to mention that when you perform a fresh install of Windows 7, the only desktop shortcut is Recycle Bin and I still don`t understand why, probably when they created Windows 7 they were thinking at leaving each user the option to configure their Windows exactly how they want it. OK, so you`ve just installed a fresh copy of your Windows 7 and you can only see the Recycle Bin. Let`s fix this and bring a small part of Windows XP back.

Perform a left-click of your mouse on your desktop and select that last option called ``Personalize``

Accessing Personalize in Windows 7

If you did this you should be sent to Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization - Personalization and from this window choose the first option called ``Change Desktop icons ( located on the left side - up )

Personalization window located in Windows 7 Control Panel

Another small window called ``Desktop Icon Settings`` will appear and from here, as you can see, you have the option to select ``Computer`` and ``Network``, if you selected them click on ``Apply`` and then ``OK``.

Desktop Icon Settings window in Windows 7

Now you should see the result, two new icons appeared on your desktop, it`s not exactly the same name with ``My`` in front of them but they still perform the same actions as them.

Computer, Network and Recycle Bin icons on a Windows 7 desktop

I can`t imagine someone keeping his desktop without them or at least without ``Computer`` as it allows you to access all other computer partitions as fast as possible. Well, that`s how you add ``Computer`` and ``Network`` icons on a Windows 7 desktop so if you know any other shortcuts leave a comment.

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