Unable to find safely remove hardware icon from Windows

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I have several USB devices and I am using them almost daily. Everything worked perfectly until 3 days ago when I wasn`t able to locate the ``safely remove hardware`` icon from my taskbar. I have no ideea how this happened, how it disappeared but here`s what I did:

Everything was tested on Windows XP SP3 and also on Windows 7 but I wrote the article in Windows XP and all pictures were taken in Windows 7 so yes, I`ve tested this in Windows7 too. You can apply these instructions on older operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista.

As I said, this is how I fixed this:

Press on the START button and type RUN and press ENTER, follow the instructions from the folowing pictures :

Start button in Windows 7

Run window in Windows 7

Now, in the RUN window ,type the following command :

RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

Run window with a command typed

Now, press OK

After that the ``Safely Remove Hardware`` window will appear :

Safely Remove Hardware window in Windows 7

Now, you`re able to stop the USB device, but it`s quite annoying to repeat those steps each time so I am going to show you how to fix this too.

The simple way to do it is to create a desktop shortcut that will do the same thing. Here`s how to do it:


Go with your mouse and perform a right click on your desktop, select ``NEW`` and then ``Shortcut``. A window will appear asking you the following:
``What item would you like to create a shortcut for ?``
Go where it says: ``Type the location of the item:`` and paste the same command (just take a look at the picture): RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dllCreate a new shortcut in Windows 7



Choose ``Next`` and it will ask you to provide a name for this shortcut so I guess the best name would be ``Safely Remove Hardware`` so that you can remember.

Create a shortcut window, asking you to type the location of the shortcutGiving a name to this shortcut


If you clicked on ``Finish`` button you`ve created this wonderful shortcut. Next time when ``Safely Remove Hardware`` will disappear, all you have to do is to open this shortcut from your Desktop and it will work. If you know any other tricks let me know.

Safely Remove Hardware shortcut finally created on the desktop

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