Update Avira Manually using Fusebundle Generator

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Here`s how to update Avira Antivirus manually. Keep in mind that this should work for all versions of Avira - Free, Premium or Security Suite. It has been tested on several Windows versions such as 7. In 2012, Avira introduced a new method for the manual procedure. If the new method doesn`t work for you, try the second one. I will start with the latest method from Avira.

1. Update Manually using Avira Fusebundle Generator ( starting with 2012 products )

First, get the right Fusebundle Generator for your operating system. Download and install this in a new folder, make sure to remember the location. The purpose of this generator is to allow you to download the latest database signature on your computer while he creates VDF archives locally in an incremental way. Next time when you want to update Avira products, you will download only the latest signatures added to the new VDF archive and NOT THE ENTIRE DATABASE again.

Note:  I repeat, this will work only with ( starting ) 2012 products, for older versions use the second ( old ) method.

Go to Avira website section from where you can download Fusebundle Generator

Avira Fusebundle Generator page

Choose the right version for your operating system and once you do that, download the generator and save it on your computer.

Fusebundle file
By default, this generator is archived in a zip file. Use your favorite archive software and extract the files in the same folder. I used WinRaR but you can choose any other archive utility that supports zip file extractions. Once you do that you should have the original file and a new folder that contains a couple of files.

Fusebundle archive extracted
Open the content of the new folder,  you should see 3 files but we`re interested in one -  ``fusebundle.exe``.

Fusebundle archive content
Open ``fusebundle.exe``. Once you do this, the executable will start to download the database signatures, it will take a couple of minutes depending on the Internet Connection speed.

Fusebundle updating signatures

Once it finishes the update process, a new folder named ``Install`` will be created. This is where vdf_fusebundle.zip file is located. Finally, perform the manual update - Open Avira - go to ``Update`` and select ``Manual Update``

Avira Manual Update

Navigate to the folder where you extracted Fusebundle Generator and select ``vdf_fusebundle.zip`` file. The antivirus should be updated now. If you need to repeat this procedure for other computers, copy only the ``vdf_fusebundle.zip`` file and repeat the steps. For any reason, if this doesn`t work - use the old method ( the next one ).

2. Update Avira Manually - download the entire VDF file.

Please note that I have no idea for how long it`s going to work due to the new method ( see the first one ). At the time that I wrote this article, this still works ( it`s the old method ) and used this several times before. Let`s get started, I have 2 locations from Avira where we can download the VDF files:

Download IVDF - Location 1
Download IVDF - Location 2

If you use Internet Explorer, when you click on ``Download IVDF`` 1 Location it will open the URL like in the following picture.

Internet Explorer URL
A new window will appear and it will ask you where do you want to save the ivdf_fusebundle_nt_en.zip file on your computer.

Save file prompt window
You could save the file on your desktop or create a new folder - just make sure that you remember where you saved the file.

Save As
Now you need to copy the IVDF file ( latest definition file for Avira Antivirus ) on a USB Stick, external HDD ( hard drive ) or to write the IVDF file on a CD-ROM. You will need to copy this file on the PC that doesn`t have an Internet Access.

Copy IVDF archive
Once you have this file, please start Avira and from the program interface ( menu ) select ``Update`` and then choose - ``Manual Update``.

Avira Free Antivirus Manual update

Locate the IVDF file ( latest definition file ), if it`s still on the USB, external HDD or CD-ROM browse to that location, if it`s on the PC without internet access, select the IVDF file and click ``Open``.

IVDF archive

Once you did that, the antivirus should be updated with the latest signatures.

Conclusion: At least one of these methods should work. Obviously, the first one does save a lot of bandwidth while the second one - I can`t tell for how long it will work. If you cannot update the antivirus manually the most common problem is malware-virus that prevents the update.

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